secrets in this no no.At its summer cottage you can collect good seeds of different varieties of cucumber for future planting.But there is one important rule: you can collect the seeds of non-hybrid varieties only cucumbers .If a packet of seeds before the name of the letter grade is F1 - it's a hybrid.Whatever the delicious hybrid fruit - crop seeds from them you do not get.
For seeds you need to grow in the garden of his seed cucumber or more different varieties of cucumbers.For this purpose, choose healthy, smooth results, without spots and growths.
avoid rotting the seed of a cucumber on a bed can b
e placed under a small plate, thereby isolating it from contact with the ground.
When testis reaches biological maturity, will be yellow-brown, and the stem is dry - it should pick.Next, cut the cucumber lengthwise into two parts and carefully remove it from the seeds with a small spoon.Seeds folded into a glass or porcelain bowl and cover with water so as not to let the seed matured and emerged.After this, the water must be drained and dried in the sun (window sill) remaining good seeds, spread them on a sheet of paper or a towel.
The following year, the collected seeds to plant is not recommended, becausethey can give a lot Netherbloom.The best time for planting them for 2-3 years.The germination of seeds collected
cucumbers retain 6-8, sometimes 10 years, but with each successive year it may be reduced.