you need
  • - shovel;
  • - brick;
  • - concrete;
  • - wooden beams;
  • - roofing;
  • - nails;
  • - wall paneling;
  • - door;
  • - hood.
begins construction of a cesspool.Dig a hole, it is desirable that it was deep.Smooth out the bottom, and tamp.
walls lined with brick and always zashtukaturte inside.If you select a good location area, the walls can not obkladyvat brick or concrete bottom.Also in the pit, you can put ordinary concrete rings that are designed for the sewer system.
finished the pit, to begin construction of a toilet house.House can be any shape, it all depends on your imagination.More common is considered to be a rectangular shape.
Make a framework of wooden beams.At a height of about half a meter embed c
ross beams, which will be the base of the pedestal or a stool.If the size of a small building, the roof can be laid without any lag, and you can use any available material.
After coating the roof, wall paneling and obsheyte embed the door.Place the top of the ventilation window, as it will serve as a natural light.
on the rear wall of the toilet make another extraction.It can be done using the boards.Beat four boards, so they were a bit over the roof.Or put a small tube.Next to leave the hood closable opening.It is necessary for the vacuum machine.
If the station a high level of groundwater, it is the same, only the capacity to do less.In the ground it can not deepen only contemplate Retractable design under the pedestal.Such a container can be cleaned regularly or make replaceable.