you need
  • - read the technical specifications;
  • - calculate the power of actual consumption;
  • - compare prices pumping stations of the same power.
trade in a wide range of pumping stations from different manufacturers and at different prices.Almost all the stations are equipped with a storage tank.If the country is planned to have tap water, plug in the washing machine, dishwasher, showers, titanium, plumbing fixtures, sounding like best option is to choose an automatic vacuum unit.In cases where the connection household appliances i
s not provided, your regular pumping station without storage tank, is connected as needed irrigation or filling containers with water.
To calculate the power, on the basis of which to make purchases, you need to calculate the required water pressure for simultaneous use.Also note that all the pumping stations for individual home use may raise the water if her post at a depth of no more than 8 meters.In all other instances, the industrial plants, which are very powerful, expensive and for personal use can afford except that very wealthy people.
enough power for irrigation of 0.7 to 1 cubic meter per hour, which corresponds to the water supply with a pressure of 2-3 liters per second.Therefore, if you will only watering and filling containers in their spare time, watering, suitable plant with a minimum capacity.All specifications are given on the instrument, and are indicated on the label with parameters.If European manufacturers bought the station, the unit is attached to a metal plate with broken parameters.Chinese pumping stations have all the characteristics given in the passport.
If a pumping station will connect to other devices, the calculation of power is produced by water consumption of all devices.Hand dishwashing consumes less than 1 cubic meter per hour to about 2 liters per second.Dishwasher consumes as much.Showers - 1.2 cubic meters per hour, which corresponds to 2.5-3 liters per second.WC - 0.5 cubic meters per hour, 1.2 liters per second.Washer - 1 cubic meter per hour, 2 liters per second.Depending on the calculated value, you need to choose the parameters of the pumping station specifications.
choice also depends on the money that will be spent on the unit.Pumping stations European manufacturers are several orders of magnitude more expensive than in Russia.Most cheap Chinese instruments, but they are very unreliable, the blades are made of plastic, and if the water will be present sand or other impurities suspension, the station very quickly fail.Therefore, you need to choose according to needs and opportunities.