you need
  • - heating boiler;
  • - Pipes;
  • - Batteries;
  • - Expansion tank;
  • - circulation pump.
for heating small private home install a normal Russian stove, but this is only if you are burning wood and coal and conduct house gas or central heating not possible.If possible, install a small boiler and run around the house water heating .
for heating a large house any kind of fuel water heating and installation of the boiler is a prerequisite.
boiler for heating selected based on the area of ​​the heated space.If set to a small power boiler, the heating is insufficient.When installing the boiler with a capacity of more than i
s needed to heat your cubic capacity, will be a large heat consumption and pay for heating increase significantly.For heating the living space of 100 square meters is enough power 10-12 kW.
When choosing the boiler is also important to consider what type of fuel you use.To choose a heating gas gas boiler with all the equipment.For heating with electricity - electric boiler.
For heating use plastic pipes.They are long and easy to install at the lowest cost.
Additionally, do not forget to install radiators.
Before mounting the heating system, you need to create a project.If you do not understand this, then the project should be formulated with the participation of specialists in the field.And in summing up the gas heating system, you should always involve specialists.Separate the connection and installation of gas heating to produce their own is not recommended.
installing a boiler, you should always install an expansion tank.When heated, the expanded liquid water will rise in the expansion tank on cooling - to fall back into the heating system.
should provide installation of the pump.They are represented in the sale of a wide range.Current models of pumps can quickly heat the entire heating system and produce almost no noise.
to connect central heating apply to the utilities area.To connect gas equipment - gas service.The direct supply of heat and connection to make responsible organizations.