to combat bedbugs at the first suspicion of the presence of these insects in your apartment - treat all possible nooks where bugs can lay eggs vinegar essence.Bedbugs also can not stand the smell of soap, treat with a solution of strong furniture in the bedroom.
order to protect the apartment from the penetration of bugs , during the repair, add 20-40 grams of aerosol or 10%
emulsion hloroforsa a bucket of glue for wallpaper.In case you have found a nest bedbugs in your home, treat them with a mixture of emulsion hloroforsa and water in a ratio of 1 to 4. Hlorofors - a toxic substance to humans, so it is necessary to work with him very carefully, using gloves, and protective clothingand mask or mask.
harmless to human means to kill bedbugs is pyrethrum powder.Sprinkle they found bedbugs nest .In order to blow the powder of pyrethrum in remote places, crevices, cracks and joints of the walls and furniture Use a blower.
earliest times to deal with bedbugs used turpentine and kerosene.Mix 100 ml.kerosene, 100 ml.turpentine and 20 c.naphthalene.Brush, apply the mixture on the pockets of habitat and possible naskomyh.
After processing toxic chemicals apartments, it is necessary to wash and carefully smoothed with a hot iron bed linen.Blankets, pillows, mattresses and carpets in the home can not be clear, you must surrender them to the dry cleaners.
clear of bedbugs infested furniture, electronics and books sometimes almost impossible.Often, they have to get rid of.If the home to get rid of bedbugs not be able to refer to specialist services providing services disinfection and disinfestation facilities.