you need
  • - Komkova lime:
  • - capacity;
  • - water;
  • - a stick for stirring.
news from any species must be put out.Depending on the further use of lime can be made on powder lime or dough.Quicklime is used in the form of a hammer as a binder and reinforcing material in construction.
for domestic use, whitewash ceilings, chicken coops, barns, piggeries, is only slaked lime.For fluff or test taken various proportions of water.
to dissolve lime powder lime, take 1 part lime Komkova, put in a container for extinguishing.The tank should be deep and not rusty.Pour in the lime 100% of cold water.The ratio of water is taken based on the weight of lime.That is, if you
put in a container of 5 kg Komkova lime, the water will require 5 liters.Be careful.The lime solution is heated to a temperature of 150 degrees, it will hiss and splash boiling hot fat droplets.Therefore, take measures of individual protection, goggles, gloves, canvas suit.All the boil and it will take between 8 to 25-30 minutes, stir boiling mass with a stick.
Use immediately slaked lime is not recommended.It should close the lid, put in a cellar and incubate for 15-30 days.Such a solution will fulfill all of its intended function, disinfected and exactly go to bed.
To make whitewash, dilute powder lime water to the desired consistency.If lime is required for whitewashing, the desired thickness is easy to learn, gradually adding water and checking solution with a stick.With stirring on the stick should remain tight, smooth white shade.
lime paste is prepared in a similar manner, but the water is taken much less.To cook, place in a container 1 part clay Komkova and add 40% cold water.Water is added gradually, making it impossible to stop, lumps hiss and boil to dissolve.The dough used in masonry, plaster, and for other types of construction and finishing works.