Buy a means for processing the daily showers, and they wipe the wall every time, after taking a shower.Use at the same time a soft cloth or sponge rubber.After surface treatment, wipe the walls dry with a soft cloth.
before cleaning the shower, remove from it all items: hygiene products, bottles and detergent, etc.
calcareous plaque on the walls of the shower clean up this way: Wet the surface with water (preferably hot), heat the vinegar, or take a warm aqueous solution of citric acid, a soft foam or rubber sponge, apply the solution to contaminated sites and lightly rubtheir.Do not apply too much force, so as not to damage the surface.
Leave deposited citric acid or vinegar on the w
alls, without washing for 20-30 minutes.Then again rub the sponge.With warm water, wash acid residues from the surfaces and wipe it dry.
If the shower tray in acrylic - clean it with cleanser acrylic surfaces, causing a soft sponge.Do not rub too hard, better to put means and leave it for a while, then rinse with warm water.
If the bottom of your shower enamel - clean it with a detergent for enamelled surfaces, such as bathtubs.
Metal pallets cleaned only mild detergent without abrasive particles.
If you have scuffs or scratches on acrylic surfaces, use a reducing agent.Apply it according to the instructions, and then gently buff with a soft cloth.
Do not forget about the mixer and the hoses - they should also be cleaned from traces of soap and plaque, causing cleaner metal surfaces.
Try to leave the door open after a shower stall use to residual moisture will evaporate from the surface.In this case, the car will stay longer clean.