Canopy only superficially may seem fairly simple design.In fact, it is very important to initially make a correct measurement.Then you need to develop the project, and only then, according to him, you can go to the stroitelstvu.Mozhno build a canopy over the porch of wood or polycarbonate.
Set at a distance of 1.5 m from the front two wooden rack made of timber width 15-20 cm, height of 2.2 meters. At the bottom should not touch the ground - if you have a concrete foundationporch, just screw the screws to the anchors (special fasteners), concreted into the foundation of the tides.
top, parallel to the facade, put on the rack horizontal bar of the timber, and then bind the resulting construct two short jumpers to the front.
Take two curved polycarbonate sheet and attach one side of the longitudinal straight to the bar, bolted to the front wall of the house.The other side to secure the horizontal bar, which is laid on top of the rack.
The joint sheets Close aluminum decorative strip with rubber gasket.Then install the additional longitudinal support (suitable conventional thick and sturdy beam) for these sheets at a distance of 60 cm from the front wall.
There is another option: you can make a longitudinal support beam of smooth oak slats, size 25x75 mm, only in this case it will be necessary to reinforce the bottom arched rail.This arc of its ends will rest on the bridge and its central region to maintain a lightweight longitudinal support, thereby strengthening its good.
When this additional support all sizes of its parts carefully verify and customize the place so that the two sheets are pressed tightly enough to the main rail along the entire length without sagging and clearances.