Tip 1: How to make a sliding gate

sliding (sliding) gates do not take up much space, so is ideal for installation in areas of small area.They are resistant to mechanical stress, not afraid of wind gusts, adapted to all weather conditions.
you need
  • - concrete;
  • - fittings;
  • - level;
  • - Pipe 20x20;
  • - Pipe 60x40;
  • - bearings;
  • - Sliding carriage;
  • - the door leaf;
  • - siding.
Equip foundation for sliding gates.To do this, dig a trench (optimal size 1,5h1,5h0,5 m).
To enhance the foundation is laid in a metal armature, and then - pour concrete.You can buy ready-mixed concrete, or prepare a solution on their own.The foundation must be strong - it affects the life of the sliding gate.Therefore, to save on the quality and quantity of building material experts do not recommend.
After the foundation stand, proceed to the installation of the base gate.The design itself is not complicated, so you can make sliding gates themselves.The reference beam is the main element of the gate.It can be purchased at the
market or in a specialty store or cook for themselves.This requires two 20x20 tubes arranged one above the other.
Leave a small distance between the tubes and the support beams are welded into a tube of similar pieces.This will protect the structure from sagging and other deformations.Equip beam from the interior of the support carriages and set at the base of the gate.Now fasten the carriage to the foundation so that between the mechanisms remained the same distance.
Make a frame sliding gates of metal pipes with a diameter 60x40.Connect them together with horizontal crosspieces.Fix the frame to the supporting beam.The length of the frame, usually by a third longest dimension of the opening.
Now set the door leaf rollers, which are equipped with vertical uprights of the frame.Check the operation of the mechanism.

Tip 2: Sliding doors: Doing their own hands

Sliding gate - one of the most popular types of locking devices.They are easy to operate and is easy enough to install.Make yourself sliding doors is not so difficult.The main thing is to carefully study the instructions that have made professional builders.
Sliding doors: Doing their own hands
By sliding (or sliding) gate structure is generally understood by those who move on rollers in one direction or another.To make such a pretty easy if you are good at and understand the schemes of the various drawings.Moreover, if work on them with particular zeal, the gate will be little different from the factory.

device sliding gates

sliding doors - is a mechanism, which consists of several different parts.Moreover, the absence of at least one of them will lead to the fact that the structure will not operate.Or will be, but with interruptions.The structure of the gate comprises:
- guide beam, which is integral with the flap gate.And it was she who takes the brunt of the weight of the gate;
- trolley or roller bearing in the amount of 2 pieces - used to set the gate in the arm portion;
- video terminal is the support for the gate in the closed position;
- Lower catcher - a subject that takes the pressure off of the platen roller when the door is closed;
- top catcher helps reduce windage gate;
- bracket, which is clamp with rollers;
- Stand by which supports are mounted to ensure the movement of the gate leaves.

First you need to take your measurements with the opening to determine the size of the canvas.This usually measure the distance between the posts where the gate will be installed yourself.As for the height of the future structure, then you are free to be limited only by your imagination.The initial data as a result of measurement should be: the height of the fence, the width of the opening.Furthermore, it is important to take into account the material of which the fence is made (in fact can be used as a thick leaf and thin).It was on the basis of these data it is possible to make a decision about what will be the length of the gate.
determine the length of the gate, remember that have to be sliding distance of about 1.5 meters.If desired, it can be increased.

then need to make a drawing of the future project.To begin with it might just be the scheme.When compiling you need to decide on a side rollback.Naturally, this will depend on the location and site itself, and the location of various objects on it.Also, it should be noted in the diagram, and ground clearance.Usually it is 7-10 cm from ground level.

should be remembered that manufacturing sliding gate requires a foundation.So first of all you need to do just it.The foundation is needed in order to install it rolls.This means that the basis weight of the gate and will be located on the foundation.Check out the gate without a foundation, then make them unreliable - they can break wind or sash sag.

Typically, sliding gate provides a concrete foundation.To mark the beginning of the area - it takes about roughly half of the total opening gate.For example, if the gate length will be about 4 meters, a platform for the foundation should take about 2 meters.Its width with about 700 cm. Then, after marking the site you need to dig a hole under the concrete base.The depth of it must be equal to 1.5 meters.
1,5 meters - the average figure is focused on regions such as Moscow and Moscow region.In general, the depth of a base under the foundation will depend on the depth of soil freezing in winter.

You must then make the metal frame of the armature.It should match the size of the pit.And part of it have to peek out, in fact it is part of the welded construction - the basis of automation and roller guides.For the foundation for the sliding doors need to use a high-quality concrete.Experts recommend paying attention to brand M500.Typically, the creation of the foundation takes about 2 cubic meters of material.In this case, the basis should be no more than 30-40 mm, and 30% sand (not more).Only under such conditions will not crumble concrete.

check how exactly set the frame, and you can pour the foundation concrete mix.If the gates are scheduled automatically once lay pipes for connecting corrugated-automatics.Concrete should be poured up to a level with the ground.After a few days left to wait for the complete drying of the foundation, and then you can install the gate.

At the beginning of installation of the gate line define the gate movement.For this special stretch lace along the entire length of the opening movement and the door leaf.The distance from the post of the response to the cord should be about 30 mm.The optimum height of the scoring column - 1.5-2 cm from ground level.

Then you need to prepare roller guides for installation.To do this they need to be fixed on the support platform.Next you need to define the boundaries of the location of most of these supports.To do this, stand back from the edge of the opening 1.5 cm and draw a line.It will be a cutting edge support.To determine the second pillar measure the total length of the gate, subtract from the resulting measuring 1 cm and put the resulting length of the edge of the response column.

can move on to the assembly.To do this, insert the prepared roller carriage bracket profile, move to the center.Lift up the gates and put them vertically on the fitting member.The first and second support set close to the tangent, the gate is place in parallel and preferably adjacent to the rope.

Next you need to use a welding machine and grab his second support platform adjustment.Roll out the gate in the doorway to the very end, and adjust the horizontal position to the end.There will be only slightly loosen the roller bearings and roll gate back and forth - from open to closed position.This operation is necessary to the gate took the correct position inside the profile.Tighten.Clip design end cap rollers and carrier profile and put the upper guide bracket.

If sliding doors are planned with a shell, proceed to it at this stage.One need only attach to the frame of steel sheet and fix it.

Place traps to discharge the gate in the closed position.Carry out the installation of these components must be loaded at the gate to create a simulation of real operating conditions.If the gate is planned to automatically carry out automation and connect it should be at the last moment.

What to consider when installing the sliding gate

The main problem associated with the installation of sliding gates in the country or the area in front of a country house on the forums homeowners called non-compliance to the gate leaf.The gate of this kind have to be stable to design maintain rigidity and stability, by any chance be a strong wind.And leaf necessarily have to be tough to even the strongest icy conditions it can cope with its responsibilities.

metal of which will be made structure should be as good quality - without any signs of corrosion and rust.

Self installing the gate will cost you much cheaper than if it is done by a specialist.So it makes sense to take a close study of the drawings and calculations to understand how the installation of sliding gates.
The sliding gate rollers are mounted on bearings, and the sliding mechanism is moved by the roller landing-stage.Bearing beams must be installed on cantilever blocks to the web open and close without touching the ground.Otherwise, the sliding mechanism quickly unusable.
Helpful Hint
sliding gates is better to finish the siding, as it weighs less than metal and does not weigh down the structure.Attach sheets of siding is much simpler than other types of finishing materials.This decor will hide all the flaws and shortcomings.