Tip 1: How to plant cabbage

most widespread in our country received a cabbage.It is resistant to frost, can be planted seedling method and seeds.It all depends on the region you live.Cabbage is divided into early and late-ripening varieties.Early cabbage matures in August.It is not suitable for long storage and salting.The late varieties of cabbage harvested in October.
you need
  • - cabbage seeds
  • - garlic (20 g)
  • - water (100 g)
  • - breeding boxes
  • - film
  • - a well-lit sun bed
  • - forksLoosening land
  • - manure and humus
  • - an infusion of nettle
  • - hose
Growing seedlings.
treated seeds of cabbage solution of garlic.In the water selling garlic, strain the solution soak in it the seeds of cabbage at 1:00.Rinse the seeds under running water and place in the refrigerator for a day.The seeds are planted in a box with fertile land.Make the groove depth of 1 cm. Are planted one seed through each centimeter.Between furrows, leave 3 cm. Deepen the sprouts when the first of the lista.Yaschik can be left on the
balcony or strengthen on the ropes in the greenhouse, it does not touch the ground.Cover the top film.
Planting seedlings and seeds in the ground.
In late May, loosen the bed of cabbage.Free it from weeds.Make a hole in the region of 50 - 70 cm from each other.To each well, add the manure, sprinkle it with earth, adding humus, will land on one plant in the hole.If you are planting the seeds, then put the stuff in a 5 per well.When the seeds will give seedlings, they must dive.Leave only the strong shoots.Seedlings should be well lit and obduvaema breeze.When sudden frosts, cover the top sprouts cut p / e bottles.
Feeding and watering cabbage.
first feeding of plants do in 20 days after planting.Make a strong infusion of nettle and well-spill soil.The second top dressing nettles necessary when will tie cabbage.Watering cabbage made 6 - 8 times over the summer.Watering is necessary to spray water from a height of 1.5 - 2 meters.Lift the hose higher and thus a good spill plants.
soil around the cabbage must be loosened after each watering.Do it forks.Do not damage the roots.Remove yellowed leaves and sornyaki.Za 20 days before ripening of head cabbage watering stop.Remove later cabbage , which is designed for winter storage, until it was knocked frost.

Tip 2: How to plant cabbage

May 18 in the old Russian peasant calendar is considered day-rassadnitsy Arina.On this day for centuries experienced gardeners put on their sites cabbage.
How to plant cabbage
First of all, you need to consider what to plant cabbage in the same place more than once every three years should not be.Otherwise, the soil pests infest from which then virtually impossible to get rid of.
Planting cabbage in the open ground, keep in mind that it is very moisture-loving plant with long enough root system that can extract moisture from the relatively large depth, loving firm ground.Therefore, the ground for planting it is better to prepare in advance, even in the fall.Earth should be carefully dug, cleaned of weeds and sprinkled with fertilizer.
If advance to prepare the ground it was not possible, then at least a month before planting dig lightly tamp the soil before planting and leave that land alone compacted.In preparing the land for planting cabbage land should be well fertilize - per square meter of land is brought 10 kilograms of compost and 3 tablespoons of mineral fertilizers.Also, do not like cabbage acidic soils, so in acidic soils every two years at the digging necessary to make lime at the rate of 100-150 grams per square meter.
most commonly planted cabbage seedling method.So we have to take care in advance of planting seeds for seedlings.For this acquisition, the seeds landed in the finished ground one by one in little better peat, pots, or all at once in one big box.Further care will be the timely watering.When transplanting in the open ground should be as short as possible to try to injure the root system, leaving the roots fairly large earthen room.This is to ensure that they are not damaged, asClosed roots are more protected from the danger of attacks of diseases and pests, as well as much less susceptible to overdrying.
If you intend to buy seedlings ready, choose a sturdy, stocky seedlings with a thick stem and whole root system, preferably with five good leaves.Do not buy plants with thin stems dark, most likely they are infected with blackleg.Swelling and sores on the roots of the defeat speak seedling cabbage clubroot.
start planting cabbage is better on a cloudy day or when the weather is sunny, in the evening hours.So the seedlings do not wither, and its roots are dry.Seedlings planted in neat strips, the distance between them should be at least 30 centimeters.Between themselves plants should be about 25 centimeters.Bury the plant before the first leaves, and it is desirable not to bury it in the ground, and sprinkle on top, carefully pressing the root system.Then planted seedlings should be well watered.Further care is the regular cabbage abundant irrigation, fertilizer and protection against pests.
If you are planting cabbage seeds in late May, then mixed into the cabbage or turnip colza seeds.Pests do not disturb delicate sprouts cabbage and draped over its neighbors.When the plants grow stronger, remove excess shoots.
Helpful Hint
cabbage patch do on a former potato field.Between the rows of cabbage plant the dill, then your plants are not afraid of butterflies cabbage.
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