you need
  • 1. Photos (and any other memorabilia that can be pasted)
  • 2. paints, pencils, markers, pens
  • 3. Glue
illustrations complement the text normally, so a great way to decorate your thoughts in the diary are different patterns.Moreover, they are no worse than convey the mood of the person, his inner feelings.Use crayons, paints, pencils, pens, even lipstick.Do you fit all that will be important and will be able to leave a mark on the paper.
Personal diary collects a hope, dreams, memories, and thus captured the fragments of life are ideal for decoration.Gl
ue the photo best friends, or distant countries, where long wanted to visit.Alternatively, you can create pictures of the list of things that you want to purchase.
addition to pictures in a personal diary, you can paste everything that happens.For example, a commemorative ticket after going to the movies or a herbarium (it is better to secure with adhesive tape and cellophane).You can print anything from the printer, and to transfer images from a variety of electronic formats to the physical.
beautiful handwriting certainly decorate your entries in a personal diary.But in addition to diligent removing each letter, you can use various tools to record these same letters.Here again come to the aid of colored pens, pencils or markers.
in personal diary can not only paste or insert something.It can be cut.For example, to make a page with a patterned frame.Or cut a pattern inside pages themselves.Besides, you can make the famous secret compartment in his diary to store any items that you particularly expensive.