you need
  • - sand;
  • - cement;
  • - rubble;
  • - gravel;
  • - concrete mixer;
  • - fittings;
  • - ready for the foundation frame or the frame to set the TEC;
  • - cinder blocks;
  • - plasticizer;
  • - building material for the roof;
  • - waterproofing material;
  • - vapor barrier material;
  • - mineral wool.
for the building of a strong breeze blocks, lift and high foundation.Durability is necessary in order to avoid cracks.If the foundation give even a small crack, it can cause serious damage to the wall.The height of the foundation must be at least 70 cm above the ground to completely prevent getting wet cinder blocks.
Dig a trench otsypte sand and gravel bed 50 cm. Install th
e formwork, it Mount the reinforcement cage.Pour yourself a foundation made of concrete, preventing the mixture in a concrete mixer at a ratio of 1 part Portland cement grade 400 or 500, 3 parts river sand and 3 parts of fine crushed gravel with sharp edges.Or buy ready-mix concrete in the mixer.
foundation Full hardening occurs within 28-30 days, but after one week it is already possible to lay base.If ordinary building brick, or the height of the plinth gazoblokov only three rows, for the installation of cinder block building height should be increased by 2-3 rows.
Bottom plinth isolated from the foundation.After installing the cap again put a thick layer of waterproofing.
The immediate masonry do in 30 days after the completion of the pouring of the foundation.
install on cinder blocks cement mortar with the addition of the plasticizer - a special supplement that increases several times the plasticity of the solution.Its use allows for a long time to keep the solution in a plastic state after kneading and saves time when laying.Kneading can be done two to three times less than using a solution without additives.Dosages necessary to add to the solution may be different, depending on the manufacturer.Before use, carefully read the instructions.
roof you can build any, in accordance with its architect's project.After installation, the erection of walls it is necessary to proceed in the same year, to have time to complete construction before the autumn rainy season.Dampness detrimental impact on the quality cinder block .
After the erection of the roof at once make the outer insulation and obtyanite house mineral wool.If you plan to hold the plaster, do it immediately.Insulated walls can not get wet, which adversely affect the quality of cinder blocks.