Cucumbers very delicate plants, they are absolutely not adapted to survive in our climate zone, so their growing need to come up with special diligence.Planting begins with the selection of cucumber seeds.Not entered in the vivid pictures that are full of numerous packaging.In today's market of seeds which only cucumbers can not be found.But do not lose your head, deliberately look for those varieties that are familiar to you.For a beautiful picture can hide the seeds of varieties that, when our climate just will not grow, respectively, no you do not get the crop.Time and money will be spent in vain.
Open the home purchased package, sort the seeds by hand.E
mpty traumatized and shrunken seeds is not even worth trying to land, it is still not good from them to grow.Wet the cheesecloth, wrap it healthy seeds, put on a saucer with water and put in a warm place for a day or two.In the meantime, fill the pots of soil.
soil for the seedlings should start to prepare in advance for a couple of weeks before planting, and even better in the fall.Every gardener has its own secret prescription, but ordinary soil for cucumbers should include a garden land equally and compost.Cucumber roots very easily break off, so it's best to fill the earth peat pots, which seedlings can be transferred to a bed.
Make each pot two finger recesses spaced from each other, drop them on the cucumber seeds, sprinkle with the ground and pour a weak solution of potassium permanganate.Cucumbers - light-loving plants, so keep the seedlings in a well lit room at a temperature of about 18-20 degrees.
literally in 3-4 days you will have the first shoots.Without excessive pity cull sickly plants.Water the seedlings should be a day, the water can be added to a special dressing and fertilizer.After 25-30 days, you can already planted cucumbers in the open ground.