is photographed in a room that is well-lit.Cheap digital cameras provide a reasonable picture quality only with good general lighting.Best of all, the lighting was the day - the most natural sunlight.
If you're shooting in the evening, including a strong fluorescent light.During the day, take pictures in front of the window, standing so that the sunlight falling on your face evenly.Never stand with his back to the window - photo will be marred.
photographing on the street, you save yourself from problems with the foreshortening of the incident light - street lighting is most naturally and evenly.
To your photo to be unnoticed, that you photographed themselves on their own, using the settings of the camera timer that can be set to self-timer after 5, 10 or more seconds.
Put the camera on a flat surface, set the timer to make sure that the lens is aimed at you in the right perspective and captures your figure completely or partially.Press the shutter button and take the correct posture.After a few seconds the timer will work, and the camera takes a photo.
Taking pose for pictures, not throw back his head too high, but do not lower it too low - on the photo it will look unprofitable.Posture should be natural and relaxed.
If the photo should be just your face, and you want to make a portrait picture, set the camera so that the lens was on the level of your eyes.For photos of the figure to the waist camera is set at the level of the chin.
In order to get a clear picture accurately and fixed in the absence of a flat surface to put the most reliable camera on a tripod parallel to the floor.
Note on what background you are photographing.You should not be photographed against untidy rooms, unattractive interior and dirty dishes.
If you decide to take a picture of yourself in the mirror, never turn on the flash - it can spoil the whole picture, lit up your reflection.Picture in the mirror can turn out beautiful only if the mirror is clean, and good lighting in the room.
After the picture is done, and correct it in Photoshop Retouch.