you need
  • cement, sand, rope, building level and plumb, aerocrete.
Mix the mortar in a ratio of 1 part cement, 3 parts sand.This mixture should be used for the laying of the first row.The rest of the series is better to lay on a special adhesive or mortar for masonry.
begins construction of the walls of aerated concrete with the corners of the building.As with conventional bricks, follow the styling seams.
Check the vertical and horizontal plane of the block.Do this by using a special plumb and level building.
Pull the rope between the blocks of aerated concrete wall forming the edge of the future.Attach it to be to the upper corners of the blocks.The rope must be tensioned perfectly straight, so the level of use.
Lay one block after the other, focusing on the level of the rope.Adjust the height of layi
ng the weld surface to the first row of blocks is flat.On this depends the quality of the masonry walls throughout, and accordingly the structure as a whole.
checked every two or three rows of wall units level both horizontal and vertical.In some cases, the wall may be moved aside.This situation can be easily remedied.It should return the blocks into place by tapping on them with a trowel.
Provide mechanical ventilation during construction.This will speed up the drying units.