Tip 1: How to get rid of spiders in the apartment

spiders in the house, according to popular belief, the owners bring good luck, prosperity and good news.And yet, with the invasion of spiders in the house have to fight in different ways, especially since these insects multiply quickly enough and can bring great discomfort, both adults and children.
you need
  • - means "butoxy 50";
  • - acetic acid;
  • - means "Neoron."
Carefully inspect all corners of the apartment in search of nests of spiders.This is where they laid eggs.Sockets look like little balls, covered with cobwebs on top.Remove any that find.A popular place for the device of their homes spiders on baseboards, in cracks, under the window sills, and other blue.It is advisable to conduct an audit of suspicious places in one day.
spiders to not come back, ventilation and air vents tighten dense mesh.
purchased in the store for animals means "butoxy 50".Read the instructions, then sprinkle by spraying all corners and places of possible accumulation of spiders.Do
not go in the room for 15 minutes.
maintain cleanliness in the apartment regularly ventilate and humidify the air (spiders do not like dampness and drafts).Can handle any kind of space repellent.
Take a long stick or handle of a mop or a broom, end wrap it with a towel or cloth and secure with duct tape.For greater effect, drizzle with a towel Reid, and then in a circular motion to wind the web.It is important to wind the web, rather than tear it away and just because spiders have become entangled in it.Throw the rag with cobwebs collected in bins and immediately made in the trash on the street.
time to time passes vacuuming the corners, baseboards, upholstered furniture, window sills and Baguette.Immediately clean or throw away a bag of dust.
Put the saucer in a place where most often appear spiders, and pour it acetic acid.Let the dish stand up at least a day or two.
Cut reed or cane stalks at the point where it starts to whisk, and make of them a bundle.Walk this broom in all corners of the suspicious apartment.Reed brooms not only clean the dust, but also crush spiders.
for rapid elimination of spiders used means "Neoron."However, it is more commonly used in large enterprises and in agriculture, rather than in a dwelling.

Tip 2: How to deal with the spiders in the country

Despite the fact that the spider in the house is considered a good omen, people are afraid of these arthropods, and unwilling to contemplate web.In order to get rid of spiders in the country during the summer season can be used in different ways.
How to deal with the spiders?

How to fight the spider

If you went to the country during the summer season, you can not be insured by the appearance of spiders.Therefore, after the arrival you need to make some manipulations that will help protect your home.

The easiest way is to mechanical harvesting web cleaner, a broom or other convenient object.Be sure to throw garbage in a timely manner and keep the house clean.It is also recommended to reduce the level of humidity in the living room, if possible.Just spiders love to live in damp air.And of course, do not forget after his arrival to the country to check the tightness of windows and repaired all the cracks.That such measures can be taken at an early stage arrival to the country.But to get rid of the spiders only more dramatic methods.

Chemicals or special repellents?

effective way to cope with the spiders is considered to be the use of chemicals.Nevertheless, their application must be appropriate.If your house has appeared three or four spider, it is not necessary to carry out chemical processing facilities.Typically chemicals acquired in specialized shops for the sale of poisons for insects.More effective are preparations containing boric acid and hlopirifos.So before purchasing, please read the composition of the drug.

modern means to fight the spiders can be considered a special electromagnetic and ultrasonic repellents.For example, devices that generate ultrasonic waves may operate within a frequency range of 7 to 14 kHz.The main thing is that the frequency was "floating."Such devices are not addictive spiders and retain their efficacy for a long period of time.Typically, ultrasonic repellents absolutely quiet and safe for people.Area of ​​action may depend on the specific model.But in any case, to give better options for use with an area of ​​not less than 30 sq.m.By the way ultrasound is reflected from the walls, because it can take several repellents.

Also popular are electromagnetic repellents by spiders.Their operating principle is the propagation of electromagnetic waves at 220 V. In order to use the device simply plug it in.Efficiency will be noticeable within a few days.
  • Abatement of spiders in the country