you need
  • - preparation is to wash efflorescence;
  • - means for softening solution;
  • - diesel fuel;
  • - spatula;
  • - water and a stiff brush;
  • - acid.
house is built, sew facade do not want to, because the brickwork already looks presentable.All spoil the beauty only scattered patches of salt on the bricks.What to do?Buy a special acidic agent that removes efflorescence of masonry (sparingly soluble salts and oxide deposition).There are tools which, along with the dissolution of salts loosen remaining solution on the bricks.Before you use tools, read the instructions for use.
If efflorescence after treatment brick special tool again acted out, treat it with diesel fuel.Ugly divorces will disappear forever.
If shifted oven, and it is neces
sary to wash a brick from the solution, take a stiff brush and water.Mastic can be removed by mechanical means (wash the excess with a spatula).Purchase a special paint for brick, if after washing the traces of mechanical action.
Grout with bricks can remove any acid.Better to use salt.
The attack street artists ruined all kind of construction?Do not buy a variety of tools for graffiti removers.The fact that the ink for this purpose may have a different basis, and universal for removing substances not.Find a company that has a professional engineer.He must come to the place after the inspection recommends the right tool.Check technologist in most organizations is free.Following the recommendations of a specialist, get a wash and the right to remove graffiti.
with a porous surface of the plaster and some types of brick paint remover will not have to think about the mechanical action.Buy sandblasting for one-time use of expensive, so contact the cleaning company.This is to some extent will save money and is guaranteed to deliver the construction from unwanted Arts.