you need
  • wide and shallow container of water, a marker set for cold curing reinforced adhesive tape, scissors, glue TRS 2002 rubber patch, clamp, fine sandpaper, shaving brush shaving or soft hair brush,soap
Inflatable pools are made of PVC, rubber, rubberized fabric.For each material requires a different method of repair.But first of all get the puncture site.To do this, gently inflate the pool.Often, if you do not put a whole, immerse it in water.Determine the puncture site for emerging from the hole puncture
air bubbles.Mark discovered the puncture site marker.
If the pool is bulky and use such a method is not possible, please use this method: Wet the soap, shaving brush or with the help of a hair brush, whisk foam.Apply the foam to the surface of a well-inflated pool.Determine the puncture site for a swell foam bubbles.Mark the damaged area marker.
If you want to quickly and temporarily seal the damaged area, use adhesive tape.Before gluing zachistte slightly damaged area with fine sandpaper.Carefully cut the required size piece of adhesive tape.Do not touch the sticky surface of the adhesive tape!Place the patch over the damaged area.After such a temporary repair Pool lasts about a week.
workover use special patch of the car kit for cold curing chambers.Zachistte sandpaper damaged area.Remove the adhesive side of the patch with the protective film.Press firmly clamp the patch to the damaged site.Remove the clamp 1 hour.
damaged section on the tape the rubberized fabric with the help of a two-component adhesive TRS 2002.