Tip 1: How to change the photos

transition to digital cameras has given mankind the unlimited possibilities of expression at minimal cost.Now you can make a large number of images of the same scene, and then select the best shots.Each picture has a detailed description, which is electronically integrally with the photo file.This allows you to conveniently sort photos , the mistakes or achievements.But what if the presence of the date it is not desirable or necessary to change?
you need
  • Operating system Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows XP
  • for other operating systems - programs like ShowExif or XnView
  • Photoshop or similar to graphic editors
to start with the operating system that is installed on your computer.In Russia, currently the most popular operating system is the Windows various versions.Therefore, we mainly go about it.
date photos along with other data (shooting conditions, camera model, settings) is part of the information or the so-called metadata snapshot.In such operating systems like Windo
ws Vista, Windows 7 and Windows XP to change the data in several ways.1. Open the folder with the photos.In the window that opens, select the desired photo left mouse button.In the lower section of the window to find a panel with data (area information).It provides common metadata that can be changed by clicking on the appropriate item with the mouse (in our case - shooting date).Also located here date information about the camera, resolution and picture size, etc.
After making changes, click the Save button on the right panel.If you want to cancel your changes, click Cancel.
If you can not find the property that would like to change, you have to expand the panel by pulling the top edge of the mouse.2. Open the Properties of the file you want by clicking on it, right click and choose from the list, click Properties.Select the Details tab (Details).It contains extensive information about the shooting, which can also be corrected by clicking the mouse in the appropriate place.To save your changes, click Save.
Note that some properties can not be changed in this way.This applies, in particular, to the date the file was created (not to be confused with the date of shooting), which can only be removed.3. If you want to remove one or more file properties, click Properties, Advanced tab.At the bottom, click "Remove Properties and Personal Information."In the window that opens, select the tick those properties that you want to delete.You can make a copy photos , which will be missing some data.
To change the date photos other operating systems (in Windows, but not on one photos, and array), use one of these programs - ShowExif or XnView.
Both programs are used to view and modify data, and digital photos are free.
To change the date of creation photos , you need to open it with the help of a photo editor like Photoshop or Paint.Save the photos again under a different name and date changes to the current ( date saving).If you want to look naturally changed data, edit the information in the following sequence:
1. Use the graphics editor to save the photo a new name, and the date of creating change photo (date change will be the same as the date of creation).
2. Change the date shooting to match up to the date of the creation of a second photo.Creation date may not precede the date of shooting.

Tip 2: How to change the properties of a photo

Passion photo become very fashionable pastime.This is due not only to the widespread digital photography , but also with a great creative space in the art of processing.Contemporary Photography is gradually losing realism becomes an attribute of computer technology.Even prints can not do without the use of photo editing features with sophisticated computer programs.
Editing photos
At the beginning of the work required to siphon photos from a digital camera to a personal computer using any media manager.This process is performed by the hardware supplied with the camera, the wire that connects to the usb-port of the computer and the camera itself.
then should establish a program for editing photos.The most well-known programs that perform complex editing and conversion - is Photoshop and CorelDRAW.For easy photo editing program approach, which is included in the basic installation of a personal computer - the Microsoft Corporation Office Picture Manager.
next step - the discovery of the object required for editing in a photo editor.This function is carried out simply.The mouse cursor is set to label pictures and press the right button.A pop-up list of programs that are available for editing this photo.Select the desired program and we click with the left mouse button.In the opened program looking for an option.
photo editing possibilities are almost limitless.You can change any properties photos.This applies to format, size, weight, photo.The image in the photo, you can rotate, flip, adjust brightness, contrast, cropping and partial removal of objects from a photo.And also make the image black and white or monochrome, apply special effects, clipart, combined with other picture (collage), to perform various types of artistic editing and conversion.
Helpful Hint
photograph can be changed beyond recognition.The more complex form of photo editing, the more expertise and time it would require.
Please note that any pictures deleted property looks suspicious.

pictures taken with cameras from different manufacturers may have additional unique properties.If you want to change the name of the camera, consider the possible inconsistencies.
Helpful Hint
With Windows OS, you can not make changes in all types of image files.The most universal format is JPEG.
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