Get rid of crickets is very difficult, because to fight these insects are practically no specialized tools, and the bring cricket compositions intended for combating domestic insects, for example, such as ants and cockroaches, is almost impossible.The fight against these insects can be effective, there are several ways of getting rid of insects.

1. Catch Cricket

As you know, crickets deliver the most concern to residents of apartment is the sounds that they make at night.However, at night the crickets not only sing, but also to actively move.If one lives in the house cricket, the easiest way to get rid of it - it is to catch him in the dark.

2. Create conditions that are far from natural

Crickets live in conditions of high humidity, which is why the apartment they often settle in the bathroom, as this is where the conditions as close as possible to the natural environment for the crickets.If conditions change, and in the bathroom or any other room where he settled cricket will be very dry, insects will have to find a new habitat, or it simply will die due to lack of moisture.Fight cricket using dry simply, in addition, this method allows you to get rid of the insect fast enough without the risk of harm to human health or animal, living in this apartment.

3. Chemical attack

It is known that some chemicals designed to control insects, are very effective, they can be the best assistant in the fight against crickets.However, this method is used only when the family settled in the house crickets and get rid of them by other means is impossible.However, when using toxic agents, such as "dichlorvos", it is worth remembering about the fact that they are dangerous to people and pets, as well as highly toxic.That is why using this method should take care not to be at least one day in the treated flat, and then provide housing thorough airing.

Get rid of crickets is difficult in many ways, precisely because even specialized services involved Pest not engaged in cleansing property of these insects.However, always worth remembering that the above-described methods of fighting crickets are very effective, though very simple, they can be used even in a short time to clean the house from the crickets and prevent further emergence of a dwelling.

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