shapes that can be made from balloons, a great many.For example, a flower.To do this, you need to inflate the green ball, sausage, leaving 5 cm empty air.Twist it in the middle of the top eight.This should be done twist.So turn the leaves on the stem.But remains uninflated tail have to twist so that it remains a twisted.
of balls of different color inflate another sausage.Connect the edges so as to obtain the ring.Then twist it in half, then each received a new ring in half again.So turn the petals of a flower.Then attach the petals to the remaining twisted piece on the stem.The flower is ready.These usually adorn the halls during any holidays.
How to figures from balloons
Another volume figure - a bear.To make it, you n
eed to inflate the long ball, filling it with air, not through, leaving 10-12 cm.Then tie the ball.
How to figures from balloons
then begins to twist the ball.It is advisable to do it in one way, because when twisting in different directions figure will not hold its shape.First you need to make a muzzle, creating a separate spout, a small head, two large and two small cheeks ear.During twisting hold parts ready hand.Then, collecting all of the elements in the ring, fabricate head.In the resulting ring should be kept ready all of the head.To make the ears look like the real thing, each of them with your fingers gently twist in the direction that you choose initially.
make neck, just below the ball of twisted under his head.Then begin to create the body.Turn the ball, turning it into two legs more - the top, and two smaller ones - lower.Wrap the ball at the base of the neck.Of the remainder of the Fabricate back and abdomen bear.All that is left to hide inside the toys.From thin sausages inflate ball scarf, which is then wrapped around the neck.After narisute eyes and claws.Toy ready.