you need
  • 1. The program is any version of Photoshop
  • 2. The image from which you want to remove the extra items
Open the image in Photoshop.Select menu File (File), click Open (Open) or use "hot keys» Ctrl + O.In the picture, which is used as an illustration, the shot hit the wires.These unnecessary items that spoil the picture, we will remove from the photo.
Select Panel Tools (Tools) tool Clone Stamp Tool (Stamp).Panel Tools (Tools), the default is on the left side of the program window.You can simply use the "hot key» S.
Configure tool Clone Stamp Tool (Stamp).To do this, click the left mouse button on the triangle near the palette Brush (Brush), which by default is located in the upper left of the window of Ph
otoshop, under the main menu.

The instrument Clone Stamp Tool (Stamp), like any brush in Photoshop, there are two parameters: Master Diameter (diameter) and Hardness (Rigidity), which are regulated by the sliders.You can also enter numeric values ​​in the field of sliders to adjust these settings.The first parameter determines the size of the brush, we will remove unnecessary objects from a photo.The second parameter determines the degree of rigidity of the brush edges.

In order to remove unnecessary items from our photos, first select a large semi-soft brush.
Enlarge image for convenience.This can be done by dragging the slider to the left in the palette Navigator (Navigator), or by entering a numeric value in the box to the left of the slider panel.Palette Navigator (Navigator) is by default in the top right corner of the template.
Determine the area of ​​the photo that we will be cloned to remove unnecessary items.To do this, we direct the pointer on the area of ​​the photo, free from wires, and the Alt key while pressing the left mouse button is clicked.The cursor takes the form of a circle with a cross inside.
Releasing the Alt, hover the cursor over the object, which should be removed.Click the left mouse button.Some wires disappeared.Repeat this simple operation, choosing the clone source image as close as possible to the unnecessary items that we remove.

To move on a zoomed picture can move the red rectangle in the palette Navigator (Navigator).It limits the portion of the photo that we see in the open image file.

few minutes of work, and all the extra items from our photos disappeared.