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necessary to measure the room: the entire perimeter, the height of the walls, the size of windows and doors.Then he should calculate the area to be covered with wallpaper.Knowing the length and width of wallpaper on the roll is easy to calculate the necessary amount of rolls for pasting.But this is only a preliminary number.Calculate the numb
er of wallpapers more precise calculation method will help the bands stickers.
assume that the perimeter of the room (room 6x3 m) - 6x2 + 3x2 = 18 linear meters.
If there were no windows and doors, you will need (the width of a roll of wallpaper 50 cm) - 18: 36 = 0.5 bars.
standard doors have a width of 80, 90 and 100 cm. Other sizes are rarer.The height of the doors is generally 200 cm. For gluing the space above the door, you can use the remnants of which appear after cutting the rolls on the strip.Therefore, we can safely subtract the rate of two bands - 36 - 2 = 34.
windows often have dimensions - 1.2 x 1.5 m, and can vary in a particular area.But you can safely subtract two bands - 34 - 2 = 32.
Upon entering the room, eyes turned to the entrance - inside.Therefore, part of the room is hidden from the first sight.Near the wall is furniture, which hides part of the walls.So feel free to be deducted from the calculation of the area of ​​the hidden furniture.There will be the wallpaper, but they can be pasted, stykuya not the whole band, and residues.Assume the existence of the wall chiffonier length of 1.6 m. Then the rate will go even 3 bands.Hence there will be 32 - 3 = 29 bands.
At the height of the room is 2.5 m below the required sticker wallpaper (taken rolls of 10 m) - 29: 4 = 7.25 roll rounded to 8 rolls.With all assumptions must be purchased - 9 rolls of wallpaper.Extra roll goes on windows and doors, as well as pasting the space for furniture.