you need
  • mixture of compost, sand and garden land in equal parts
  • 250 g of double superphosphate and 500 g of bone meal,
  • 1 tablespoon of ferrous sulfate,
  • liter jar of wood ash.
  • Drainage (expanded clay, broken bricks or gravel)
choice of location for planting.
Peonies grow in one place for very long.Therefore, the right choice of landing sites is the key to a long and lush flowering. Peonies light-loving plants, they should be planted on the sunny, sheltered from the wind sites.Do not plant peonies near the trees and large shrubs, as well as near the buildings.This allows you to secure the developme
nt of peonies diseases associated with stagnant air.The best soil for peonies are cultivated loamy soil slightly acid (pH 6-6.5).It is important to know the level of ground water in your area. Peonies absolutely not tolerate long-term stagnation of water, and can not grow on wetlands.If the groundwater level is high enough peonies are planted on the raised ridges and make good drainage.
Peony Diana Parks
Site preparation for planting.
Planting peonies should be at a distance of 80-100 cm from one another.Pit prepare for planting for 1-2 weeks before planting, so that the earth has had time to settle.Dig a hole the size of 60h60h60 see. At the bottom of the drainage layer is placed in a 20 cm. On top of the pit 2/3 height poured a mixture of sand, compost and garden land.In the same mixture is added fertilizers and ash.Leave a hole in this form until the landing.
Peony Elen Couly
delenki peony in the middle of the landing pit filled 2/3.Top pour fertile ground to the top.Of great importance is the depth of planting.Delenki plant so that the top layer of earth on the kidneys was not more than 3-5 cm in loamy soils and 5-7 cm in light, sandy soils.After planting, plant abundantly pour about one bucket of water on the bush.Fresh planted shrubs can be a bit to hill.
Peony SurugaSS