you need
  • - main fabric;
  • - fusible interlining;
  • - cardboard;
  • - centimeter, scissors and pencil patterns;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - thread and needle;
  • - iron with gauze lining or function of steam;
  • - gum and fasteners.
Pick the material for sewing bow tie, based on its purpose.For the gala evening, choose cloth classic black colors, or other quiet tone.Tie make in the same style with a vest that will cover the free part before the shirt and give your outfit complete.For friendly parties and masquerades allowed any, even the brightest and causing, the color of the product.The main
requirement for the material - dense structure, which allows to keep good form.As the use interlining fleece lining.
Make the necessary measurements for a pattern bow tie and transfer them to a cardboard template.You can try the mirror and adjust if necessary.According to the accepted canons, this accessory should not go beyond the outer edges of the collar of his shirt.The length and width template carve out two rectangular parts, leaving the edges of the small seam allowances (just 0.5-1 cm).Follow the same rectangles of lining material (without allowances!).
Priutyuzhte lining to the wrong side of the non-woven linen basic details.The folded right sides together, the future of the tie hand baste through allowance.Then make the seam on the sewing machine.You must leave space to then turn the product on top of the "face".Do not print out line by line pattern, otherwise your tie will look homemade!
Cut with sharp scissors corners allowances quadrangular parts, taking care not to damage the joint.Threads-baster carefully remove and turn the product, helping himself with the blunt side of a pencil.Carefully unfold all folds and angles.
Insert a product cardboard template and stroke bow tie through moistened gauze, taking care not to press too much on the surface of the fabric.So it will look more lush.You can use the stripping.After ironing remove the board and gently sew the hole left by a hidden seam.
Sew the main fabric of the strip in order to seize its center to simulate homemade tie knot.Fold it in half, Stitch along the edges and turn out.Gently squeeze the middle of the tie and secure the folds hand stitches.Wrap a strip of linen.Incidentally, it is possible to make it longer and wrap the product in two layers.
Sew the rear ends of the "host" of the tie, capturing the ends of stitches gum suitable color or hat elastic braid-harness.You have only to choose the suitable fastener in the shop fittings.