If a monolithic slab spans spans more than eight meters, apply prestressed reinforcement grid of high-strength ropes.When the plate is supported on the column, and they have no capitals, additional reinforcement amplify those portions of the monolith, which lie on top of the tower.This will eliminate the overlap with the punching operation.
There are standard welded wire mesh for reinforcement of monolithic slabs.Do not take a metal rod with a diameter less than 4-6 millimeters.Typically used the product section of 8-14 mm, the choice depends on the value of the design load.The distance between the rods valves should not be more than 40-60 centimeters.
thickness of the slab is calculated from the value of the square of the span.Adopted by 1:30, that is, when the
width of the overlap between the bearing walls six meters thick monolith will be twenty centimeters.If this figure is reduced, you will need to increase the reinforcing metal rods.
One layer of reinforcement is possible with monolithic plate thickness less than fifteen centimeters, provided that all other conditions of the regulatory documents.In larger floor thickness should be stacked two layers of wire mesh: the top and bottom.
Valves knit special wire mesh size depends on the destination board.The main grid must consist of a rod of the same diameter.
Extra reinforcement is used in the following places: in the middle of the plate at the bottom of the grid, on supports in the field are focused on the load plate, around the holes.For this purpose, taking separate reinforcing rods of length 40 to 150 centimeters.Their size depends on the width of the spans and loads.
structure with formwork and reinforcement pour liquid concrete is not lower than the M200.You will have a monolithic floor slab, but not earlier than one month, only the concrete attains 100% strength.