you need
  • box, scissors, glue, old magazines and newspapers, decoupage card, napkins, beads, crystals, twine.
Screw needle on sheets of newspapers or magazines.Screw should be at an angle.You should get a thin tube.Glue the end of the sheet.On the lid of the box draw any geometric pattern.Stick the tube for drawing.After the glue has dried, cut unnecessary tubes protruding parts.Along the perimeter of the cover stick one tube.The rest of the box can be covere
d with paint or paste over the film or fabric.
Cut scissors favorite pieces from magazines, postcards, tickets.The more they have, the better.You can use scissors "zig-zag", or just snatch a fragment of his hands.Glue randomly get a picture on the box .Begin to stick better with large fragments.Images that are over the edge of the box, bends inward (so they will not come unstuck when using the box).Wait until the glue dries and cover box acrylic lacquer.
Take box any form.Cover it with acrylic paint in one layer.Once the paint is dry, begin to decorate a box .Take mulberry paper napkin or monotonous, tear it into small pieces.With the help of glue and glue them in the brush box .It is possible to make one or more layers.From decoupage card pry or cut 2-3 small fragment.Soak them for 15-20 seconds in warm water.Remove excess water and glue them on box .On the rim of the lid stick twine or string.Decorate box at its discretion beads, buttons, mosaic.