you need
  • - wallpapers;
  • - oil paint;
  • - furniture lacquer;
  • - sandpaper;
  • - satin ribbon;
  • - putty;
  • - primer.
Pick a photo or illustration of the relevant topics and print it in the right format to "selfglue."Similar services are provided by the studio.Stylish look old black and white fotografii.V bedroom pictures look great romantic themes.The child will look good cabinet , decorated with images of cartoon characters.
Strip doors and walls of the old cabinet and sandpaper.It is necessary to remove the old varnish and possible contamination.After treatment with sandpaper sure to wipe the cabinet dry or slightly damp cloth to remove dust.
Seal small cracks and defects using putty.After drying putty can proceed t
o the primer wardrobe and .This will get a perfectly smooth surface on which any image will look perfect.
prepared surface is painted with oil paint.Optimal paint color - white.
After drying you can start gluing wall photos.Carefully remove the protective film and stick the photo on cabinet , smoothing from the center to the edges.This will prevent air bubbles from the surface.If you can not stick quite accurate and bubble appeared, gently pierce it with a needle and smooth.
Pay attention to the inner surface of the cabinet well.The walls and shelves can be wallpapered or painted.Rods, designed for clothes on hangers, you can wrap a satin ribbon or elastic textile sheathing.
final stage of transformation of the old cabinet well - covered with clear lacquer furniture.You can use a special spray.