you need
  • pruner, cuttings from the plant trees, pruning knife or a saw, garden Var, putty material for fixing a graft cuttings
start vaccinated followsduring the sap flow, ie,around May, but if you have to instill a lot of trees, you can start earlier.Rarely vaccinated do in the summer.When using annual shoots grafted apple trees that are harvested or in November or March.Take cuttings should be from the middle tier of the crown, and it is better to choose those that are located o
n the south or south-west side.Cuttings are cut from a tree or garden shears nail file.Do bundles 20-30 shoots, tie them together and attach a note which indicates the variety of apple .Then put the cuttings in a cool place (eg cellar), set vertically.The cut must be shipped in sawdust or sand.The substrate is maintained wet at all times during storage shoots.
spring and take out the shoots begin to vaccination.To make vaccinated apple tree the bark, to do a longitudinal section of bark on a tree stump from the saw cut.The length of the incision 2.5-3 cm. The edges of crust slightly bent.
Take graft stalk, making the bottom of the bevel cut.The length should be equal to three to five times the diameter of the shoot.On the second or third kidney bottom make the cut method "on the kidney" (holding the kidney left thumb, you need to cut a knife cutting motion to the right).
Next insert an escape in the cut bark so that the top edge of the cut-off coincided with the end edge of the stock.The bark is inserted along the end cutting crimped tightly tied and daubed with pitch.A thin layer of putty covered butt stock and scion cut above the bud.Vaccination is finished.