Tip 1: How to cut images in Photoshop

Digital images are good that with the help of special computer programs we can make virtually any changes in the pattern.Photoshop - bitmap graphics editor, where you can do many things, including the cut part of the image, or to separate it from the background.
you need
  • - program Photoshop, installed on your computer
Open the image in the program via the menu "File" and, further, the command "Open".
If you need to cut a rectangular part of the image (for example, only his face) use the tool "Crop".It is in the first column on the panel "Tools", the third button from the top.Click on the button, then press the left mouse button, highlight the section you want to leave.Adjust the border fragment.Press «Enter», the changes take effect - part of the image is outside the fragment will be cut off.
If you want to cut a fragment of a more complex, such as a human figure on a path - use tool "Lasso" (the second button from the top of the first column panel "Tools").Thi
s tool is used when you want to select a piece of the image of complex shape.
Click the "Lasso" and hold - will highlight the menu choices.
- Average "Lasso" - highlights the selection of any shape.Click the left mouse button and drive along the desired contour.
- «Polygonal Lasso" - highlights the polygons, iestraight lines.
- «Magnetic Lasso" - serves to highlight parts of an image with a clear outline.Click on the border of the circuit and drive along it - the point of discharge automatically dock with the contour of the object.
Select "Magnetic Lasso".And, as described above, click on the edge of the contour of the object emitted and drive along it.
allocate a small fragment of the object, close the loop clicks away from the edge of the object (not inside), return to the starting point and press «Enter».
Clean your selection by pressing the «Delete».
Proceed in the same way on, until only the object you want.Individual elements of the background can be deleted by selecting them using the tool "Magic Wand" (the second column, the second button from the top in the "Tools") and the button «Delete».
Select the object with the tool "rectangular area".Copy it to the clipboard (menu "Edit" - "Copy").
Place ("Edit" menu - the command "Insert") cut the object to the desired image or background.

Tip 2: How to cut the figure of a person in Photoshop

To insert figure human in collage, it must be cut from the original image.Adobe Photoshop offers a set of tools for the isolation of fragments and regions, but not all of them are suitable for use with objects of complex shapes.
How to cut the figure of a person in Photoshop
Open the photo.On the toolbar, select the Magnetic Lasso Tool («Magnetic Lasso"), click on the silhouette of a man and tracing his path.You can configure the tool on the property bar.In the Width («width"), specify the width of the area that needs to analyze the program to distinguish an object from its background.Feather («Blur") defines the radius of blur highlight pixels.In those places where the figure merges with the background, the mouse click on the silhouette, to facilitate the task of the instrument.Double-click close the selection.
Version CS3 there was an option highlight settings - Refine Edges («Improve the edge").At the bottom of the dialog box are 5 buttons to display the selected area.Default is active On White («On white") - the fragment is visible on a white background.Left - Button On Black («On the black").Use these modes to find defects separation of dark and light oblastey.Dlya correcting errors change the settings Radius, Contrast, Smooth, Feather, Contract / Expand, moving the sliders settings.
to isolate difficult areas can use the tool Edit in Quick Mask Mode («Edit in Quick Mask mode").On the keyboard D, set to the default color.Select the Brush Brush Tool, set the rigidity of 100% and start painting over figure human .If you are grabbed around the figure of background, reverse black and white color and the same brush, remove the mask.To return to the normal mode, in CS3, click Edit in Quick Mask Mode again in older versions - the next button.Now select the background around the figure.To select human , in the main menu, choose Select («Isolation") and Inverse («inversion").
If you need to remove human with pictures, use a combination of Ctrl + X, if you just copy the image to another - Ctrl + V.
Call the Quick Mask mode by pressing key Q.
Answer: Magnetic Lasso selects fast, but very poorly.Another shortcoming: it allocates pixel by pixel, and then remove any remaining step edge.Slightly better allocate ordinary lasso.But too uncomfortable.Qualitatively allocates only involving Pen (Pen Tool).Press F7.
Helpful Hint
To do this, you must know the properties of some of the tools with which is easy to learn and understand how to cut a part of the image in Photoshop and move it into another, for better collage.The most common tool of Photoshop to cut an object (or selection circuit) is a lasso, which is of three kinds: simple Lasso, Polygonal Lasso, and magnetic.
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