you need
  • - latex or foil balloons;
  • - hand pump or a can of compressed air / helium;
  • - fishing line;
  • - paper or foil ribbons for tying balloons.
thoughtful design registration premises where the event will take place.The composition must meet category celebrations: wedding will be relevant figures of the balls in the shape of hearts, swans, rings;for birthday would be appropriate bouquets of balloons, free-standing large flowers of balloons for modeling figures in the form of numbers, indicating which day of celebrating the birth of the birthday boy or hero of the day.
The entrance hall is located in the holiday inflatable figures of the balls in the form of clowns and fairytale characters.The figures of the various characters in the height of a man can be a wonderful surprise for the hero of the occasion and guests.There are also ready-made inflatable figures of cartoon characters, a variety of funny animals.To figure not hovering in the air, attach them below the small weights.
Making corporate party provides a large field for the imagination in the choice of songs of the balls.Decorate the room popular characters and figures in the form of trees or buildings of architectural spheres.Built in the hall of the balls Great Wall of China would become effective and highly symbolic object of the event on the occasion of the visit of Chinese partners.
variant "for all occasions", of course, are all the garlands of balls of one or more contrasting colors.They can decorate the ceiling and, placing a garland around the perimeter of the hall or erecting sagging under its own weight "lambrequins" walls and the stage.The table at which sit the main heroes of the occasion, you can also select a beautifully elegant garland of small diameter balls.
beautiful decoration for weddings and other celebrations - the arch of balloons.In combination with artificial flowers or green loach they look particularly interesting.
You can make the arch of strings attached to a specific frame, as well as separately attached to the line, filled with helium balloons on long filaments.The ends of the arches of the second type (on the line) or attached to the back of a chair at a desired distance, or the corners of the table.
If you do not want to spend a lot of time creating complex shapes of balls, then just fill a large number of balls of different colors helium, tie them long curly ribbons of colored paper or silver foil and fill all the space under theceiling.This festive "cloud" with curly "raindrops" undoubtedly will cheer up your guests.