you need
  • large barrel or tank water
  • Cab future soul
  • pipe with shower head and faucet
  • pit to drain the used water
canOf course, without further ado, go to Building Market and buy it ready to give a shower, but the shower, made by hand, not only will cost much cheaper, but can also become the pride of the future owner.So, for the construction of the soul, you will need:
large barrel or tank water

Cab future soul

pipe with shower head and faucet

pit to drain the used water
To begin, choose a location for the futureBuilt with the possibility of water supply and
construction of a drain hole.If the site runs along the gutter, the shower should be placed as close as possible to her, moving in her sink.If a gutter is not, you will have to dig a hole depth of about a meter and strengthen its walls to prevent collapse.On the site of the future soul dig recess for pallet Shots his roofing material or pour concrete.For the drain pipe is necessary to leave the trench.The very best to make pan of galvanized sheet metal.Do not forget to leave a gap in the floor for the flowing water.
shower cubicle can be built of any material - plastic, thick film, wood, canvas, plywood.Any of these materials should be well strengthened around a wooden frame, which will be the basis for the soul.But no matter what materials would you choose, remember, in order to avoid mildew shower should be able to ventilate.Waterproof curtains, shelves for toiletries and hooks for towels and clothes will make your shower functional and comfortable.
for showering one person needs 40 liters of water, so the choice of the water reservoir will depend on the size of your family, but usually barrels 100-200 liters is enough.Barrel should be well heated by the sun's rays for a long time to keep the water warm in itself, so its walls must be thin, but strong, of all colors would be the most preferred black.It will need to weld the barrel tip with tap and shower head.Barrel itself is installed and secured to the roof.The supply of water into it can be produced by means of a hose.That's all cottage shower is ready for use.But do not forget the fall to drain all water from the tank on the roof.It will take you less time and effort than searching for a new tank in the spring instead of winter spoil.