you need
  • - pruner;
  • - hoe;
  • - bucket;
  • - garden sprayer;
  • - chicken manure;
  • - mullein;
  • - potassium nitrate;
  • - «NPK" or other mineral fertilizer;
  • - «Colloidal sulfur", "fitosporin" and other drugs to control pests and diseases;
  • - water.
success getting rich harvest, first of all, depends on the correct performance of works on the beds.Gently Shovel entire last year's foliage.In no case do not burn leaves: produced by burning dry vegetation dioxin - a dangerous substance.
proryhlit soil between the rows and rows.Then follow the feeding strawberries.
Early spring strawberries fed special mineral fertilizer, for example, "NPK" or organic complex (diluted infusion of mullein or chicken manure).Fertilize strawberries directly under the root of the rate of half a liter of the solution under every bush garden plants.
To combat pests and diseases of strawberry treat special preparations "fitosporin" (from a fungal disease), "sulfur colloid" (from powdery mildew) or similar.
Pour strawberries throughout the growing season, especially irrigation is needed, when the horticultural crops bloom and during fruit ripening.It is desirable strawberries watered with water, and not cold in the morning.
After each watering and fertilizing the ground is loosened.In addition, throughout the growing period of struggle against weeds, remove them in time, and be careful to not formed an earth crust.
During budding and during fruit ripening strawberries need potassium.In this period can be used to feed a dilute solution of chicken manure, ash or potassium nitrate.
Moustache strawberries begin to appear immediately after the flowering of garden culture.The maximum number of accounts for the period of completion of fruiting.It was at this time and should be done trimming the mustache.
Cut strawberry mustache morning or evening, it is desirable that the day was dry.Pruning shears follow the usual garden.Mustache is not necessary to pick strawberries: they are dense, so, pulling the mustache, you may damage the main bush.
Whiskers can be used as planting material.In this case, three perpetuate outlet of the first order, going from the parent bush strawberries.Use as seed outlet of the second and subsequent orders are not recommended: it will negatively affect the yield of strawberries.