you need
  • Bouquet
  • Scissors
  • Ornamental plants and leaves
  • Two tapes of natural materials
  • 2 sheets of decorative paper
  • fishnet flower.
  • Rice paper.
  • beautiful braid
  • decorative bow
Try to learn the tastes of the person to whom the flowers are going to present.When packing bouquet note their preferences and show your imagination.Today, in a fashion different from florists decorative elements: ribbons and cords, ribbons, beads and rhinestones, crystals, and others. When packing colors stick to certain rules:

• Packing should not "crush" bouquet divert all the attention on
himself.It just decorates it and hide some flaws.Packaging allows you to hide the shortcomings of the bouquet and beautifully laid flowers.For example, a spiral fashion for the pomp or make it dense and round (a bouquet called "bedermeyer").Cornered at the same bunch of florists considered mourning!

• It is impossible to give flowers in foil or crepe paper!Initially, such packaging is also used in the funeral ceremonies.Give flowers, completely wrapped in cellophane and ribbon rolled up in polyester, it is considered bad form.

• Do not get carried away with decorative elements: they only highlight the key points and give the gift of originality, some charm.For example, "dew" on roses, silk butterfly on wildflowers.

• In a fashion all natural.This rice paper, tapes of natural materials, felt, jute, sisal and rice canvas, mesh, corrugated paper, etc.
Try to arrange a beautiful bouquet yourself.Your task: a maximum and a minimum package of flowers.For example:

• Take a short and very lush bouquet of white roses.Tightly gather the stalks to each other very carefully and cut them down.

• overlaid bouquet on the perimeter of the plants with small white buds, and then - down the twisted large decorative leaves.

• Tie the stems of the bouquet spiral tape (not shiny!) Gentle white.Roses for the safety of themselves can be covered by a special (unobtrusive and easy!) Mesh flower.

• You can wrap a bouquet before inflorescences rice paper pastels, cut out the ends pretty flounces.Carefully bend them.
Pack a simple bouquet of 1-3 flowers or flower in a vase in the paper.

• Put a pot of flowering plant in the middle of a sheet of paper (or just decorative color).Two opposite corners bend and stick to the pot, and then do the same with the other ends of the paper.Decorate packaging beautiful lace and cute bow.

• Take two decorative paper sheet: one dense, the other thinner.Well, if a thin sheet of the same tone will be a flower.Glue the sheets one by one from the wrong side.Make beautiful kulechek.On the one hand it can be folded like a fan, the other one bend area.Sew the two ribbons together (the same colors as the sheets of paper) and tie the package nicely.
keep colors from the weather, otherwise all the beauty lovingly decorated bouquet can spoil the wind, rain and cold.Sometimes it is enough to wrap a bouquet in a soft paper (2-3 layers).When frost is good to put the flowers in a large block of polyethylene (sealed!), And infuse it with air.Firmly tie the bag from the top.Cellophane paper (including special packaging) always shoot indoors.If you are going to give flowers to the street or the departing guest, be sure to keep on hand a suitable protective packaging.