Please visit any Internet search engine.Enter the search string you see the words of the song and click "Search".The search result will be the web sites that published the lyrics (if a song in a foreign language - the translation).If the search result does not suit you, add in the search box the phrase "song lyrics ยป or lyrics.On a proposal by the search text will be written the name of the song and group or artist name.
next stage - the search for the most songs .Enter a title and artist name in a string of search engine, add the word "listen."Another option - to find this song in social networks, it might be laid out on the p
age, some of the users.
To avoid the risk of copyright infringement (not all songs , which can be found on the internet, got there by the will of the right holder), please visit the official website of the artist.Perhaps it can be free or for a small fee to download the song.Also on such resources is often lined with lyrics.You can read them and search the desired track, if the method described in the first step, you have not achieved goal.
In the event that a search engine has failed, go to online forums music lovers.Create a theme in the relevant section and ask for connoisseurs of music to help you.Surely there is someone who knows the song in the text.At the same time pay heed to the selection process of the forum.Decide what style is desired song, and refer to the sites devoted to this area.So you increase the chances of a successful outcome.
If you remember that the song sounded in any film, visit the promotional website of the movie (if the movie is new), among other information, there may be and details of the compositions included in the soundtrack.When the movie came out a few years ago, I look for the site of his fans.They will certainly help you with the search.
can also use the resources of music recognition.Troll passage songs , you remember, and download the record on a similar site.