you need
  • sand, bitumen, surfactants, mineral powder, liquid fuels, water, drying unit, mixer
determine the proportions of mixture components (inert materials- 90% mineral powder - 5% bitumen - 6%);make a selection of materials for the mixture and process them (for example, inert materials expose drying, bitumen - heat).
Apply wet and cold sand and gravel in the bunker supply unit by crane grapples, loaders or conveyors.
Download sand and gravel in the pipeline, which is a bucket elevator inclined type.Once the bucket is filled with conveyor, transport the material to the drying unit.
equip it with special furnaces where combustion will occur in the liquid or gaseous state.Liq
uid fuel before you get in the drying unit, keep it in heated tanks.Thus, in the furnace, it will arrive already heated.
Provide special pumps continuous burning.The unit must be equipped with a fan guide in the furnace air.During the drying and combustion of the fuel gases generated heat and dust particles are drawn out of filter dust collection system.As a result, the drum unit sand and gravel are thoroughly dried by heating to the desired temperature of about 200? C.
Add the mixing unit at a temperature of 160 degrees mineral powder and bitumen.As a result, all stages of production will asphalt.