you need
  • - wooden frame with a flat surface;
  • - universal glue;
  • - acrylic paints;
  • - Brush;
  • - transparent varnish;
  • - accessories and decorative objects (beads, buttons, sand, etc.);
  • - a plaster solution;
  • - a cup of water;
  • - sponge;
  • - plastic spatula or knife.
way to decorate a photo frame, there are many - it all depends on your imagination and dexterity.For example, you can decorate the frame with acrylic paints.Perhaps the most popular way of decorating picture frames - gluing various accessories.To do this, fit the bright wrapping paper, shells, pebbles, dried leaves and flowers, feathers, beads, beans, pumpkin seeds, buttons, and even pieces of plastic cards.Th
ink carefully about how to design your photo frame, and pick up the suitable materials.This decoration, in principle, possible and confine.
If you decide to decorate the frame with acrylic paints, to begin with a thin pencil make sketch of the future picture.The stencils can be used as coins of different diameters, small leaves.Then paint the blank dry.
can do without prettification: in this case, just stick on a wooden base and decorative objects (beads, buttons, shells, dried flowers).They can be glued quite chaotic, or think in advance and put some interesting pattern.By the way, on the painted frame decorative ornament will look just as good.On the contrary, the color - is an important element of style, so think through colors and bold d├ęcor stick on top of acrylic paints.
The original version of the photo frame ornaments - chopped the old cards.Wooden frames pre-coat acrylic paint.In any order firmly stick trimming cards on the frame.Cover the finished composition varnish.
In every house there is a box with a variety of buttons.Try to decorate a picture frame mosaic made of buttons.Carefully glue the buttons on a wooden frame about the same distance from each other.When the glue dries, Prepare a dense plaster solution.With plastic blades, apply a plaster solution to the frame and carefully smooth out the surface.A damp sponge to remove traces of gypsum with buttons and wait for the solidification of the solution.Paint with acrylic paints buttons as you tell the imagination.
As a final decorative additions apply a little glue on the parts of the frame.Sprinkle sand, sequins or some small grains.Once dry, shake off excess glue with a brush.