Tip 1: How to plant peppers

Pepper in a median strip - an annual plant, which can grow only through seedling.Already in the first half of March, the seeds are sown in containers and the first decade of June, the seedlings need to tie the buds.Now it's time to plant pepper in open ground.If you have a greenhouse or a greenhouse, the transplant can begin as early as mid-May.
you need
  • - Seedlings peppers 30-35 cm tall
  • - air temperature of 13-15 degrees
  • - Raised ridge (or greenhouse)
  • - Shovel
  • - Lake and clean water
  • - Compost
  • - Pegs
  • - Twine (urine)
  • - Wire arc
  • - Film
  • - A solution of fertilizer (mullein, and superphosphate, water)
Remember the timeFrom time to time carry out "solar hardening" the seedlings of pepper - then it will not burn out of direct sunlight after landing on the infield.The best time to plant pepper - early evening, at + 13-15 degrees.Be sure to "warm" the flower bed - lift it at least 30 cm away from the general level of the soil in the garden.
Dig a hole and pour them.It is advisable to pre-make the compost into the soil, but in any case no fresh manure!To deepen the seedlings should be up to the level of the first leaves.Planting peppers possible, leaving about half a meter between rows and 45 cm between each plant.Some gardeners use a "nest": a couple of plants dug a hole under her given to the square about 50 by 50 cm (or slightly more). Pepper - culture cross-pollinate, so (despite the help of insects), steam transplanting able to greatly increase the yield.Note that sweet and bitter varieties can also pereopylilis, why spoil the taste of the fruit.Pepper plant different varieties needed separately.
Place next to each plant on a peg (up more than half) and carefully tie up the stem bast or twine.Be careful, as the leaves and shoots of this culture is extremely fragile.Make the arc of the wire meter in height and stretch film for them to save for planting the peppers needed moisture and heat.When the weather be established, open the film completely or only on the south side;as a bed for the night with peppers we recommend that you always close.

Tip 2: How to plant peppers in the ground

Pepper - the culture of thermophilic, so grown seedling method.After purchasing seedlings or its successful cultivation on the windowsill, you must correctly land peppers in the ground.
How to plant peppers in the ground
you need
  • - pepper seedlings;
  • - bluestone or Bordeaux liquid;
  • - Balcony or loggia;
  • - garden tools;
  • - foil or plastic bottles.
transplanting heat-loving plant species to which the peppers, requires some attention.Long before Bedding needs to be prepared.To plant was strong and continued to grow in a lot of unprotected and low temperature (compared to the one in which it is growing) it is necessary to harden.
pepper seedlings before planting quenched within 14-15 days.This occurs as follows.The temperature in the room where the seedlings grow, gradually decreases by 1 degree.First, you need to lower the temperature only in the afternoon.The second week - day and night.If the pepper seedlings growing in a room at a temperature of +25 ... 26 ° C, before planting it should be reduced to + 17 ... 18 ° C.In recent days, the seedlings can be sent during the day on the street, loggia or balcony.
Simultaneously quenching increases the illumination of seedlings (if necessary, supplementary lighting is used), to accustom her to the bright spring sun, and reduced watering.A week before transplanting must be decontaminated in order to protect against fungal diseases and pests of open ground.To this end it on the leaves sprayed with Bordeaux liquid or a solution of copper sulfate.
eve of the landing ground in pots or potted well watered.The next morning you can start transplanting into the ground.The air temperature during the day should not be less than 17 ° C.Usually the landing takes place in May, and if the night temperature is below + 12 ° C, planted seedlings need to set the night film or plastic bottles.
dug into the ground in advance wells with depths ranging from 10 to 15 cm (depending on the size of seedlings).The wells for two hours prior to planting spilled water.Saplings carefully without damaging coma earth excavated from the seedling pots or boxes and installed in the wells before the first fake leaves.If you notice a rotten roots of the seedlings, they should be removed with a knife, to rot did not go further.Seedlings covered with earth, which is compacted.Then pour the water.
In the first days after planting pepper in open ground it is necessary to carefully monitor the behavior of seedlings (not wither if the leaves right there holding a stalk) and the air temperature (if reduced, to shelter the seedlings in the daytime).It should be well pritenyat seedlings from the daytime sun and regular watering plants.Fertilizing in the open field can be given for the first time in two weeks after planting - a complex of minerals in solution at the root.
Transplant seedlings into the ground pepper is better to exercise in the morning, in an extreme case (if the weather is not cold) night, but not during the day.
Helpful Hint
Planting peppers are well on the way, where previously grown culture of the cabbage family (turnips, cabbage, mustard, etc.).The soil should always be loose and moist.When the seedlings take root peppers, wait two weeks and Feed the plants with an aqueous solution of organic and mineral fertilizers.Dilute ten times mullein and take a tablespoon of superphosphate in a bucket of water.Total beds per square meter must be no more than half a bucket of this mixture.
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