you need
  • camcorder
  • Actors
  • script
  • room
  • loudspeaker, in which the director would yell "remove"
Let's think - whythe horror movies were so popular in America?Do people live on so well that they just need to feel a sense of fear, and also be sure that they do not, they are safe?

No, in fact, everything is easier.For a horror movie - it's the cheapest version of the film, because it does not require constant movement of large space does not require the huge costs and a variety of actors.

Most of the film was shot in a single house.Remember the classic story - a group of students havin
g fun at a party, and then people start to disappear one by one.All, of course, horror, mysterious killing continues and the last surviving student runs to the top of the house to hide from the serial killer.

seems to be no logic in its actions, but we did not come here to discuss the schools scriptwriters and directors, and to shoot his film.So, Camera, Action!
The first thing is the script.Properly crafted script will allow you a long time to enjoy your creation, revising it again and again.

Let the script will be similar to the following: a group of students (as always, where do without them), a journey of, say, to the Urals.There's scenic forests, magnificent mountains ... Well.Home movie should be.

So, our favorite students travel through the beautiful and mysterious forests of the Urals, but nabredayut a hut, which, apparently, been empty for more than a decade.And of course take a rash decision to spend the night there, because it's getting dark, and stay the night in the forest is dangerous.

Sex-movie already.Continue.On the morning of our dearly beloved students understand that one is not enough.Apparently, the night he went out to relieve himself, but he was seized by an unknown creature, and dragged knows where.
all in a panic, terror thin cobweb hanging in the air, not all trust each other, in the eyes of fear, despair, pain, horror ... In the next few nights, missing a few participants in the campaign, andthe survivors realize that we must stick together to survive.They hysterically running through the forest, running out into the open, they saw in the distance a car headlong rush toward her, but the mistress of the forest does not want to let go of its prey, which fell so well in its network ...

Here is a sample plot.Ending each can make his own.Save Is student life, or simply just to kill them, or do it as a sophisticated - it is left to your imagination.

then performed Editing, sound effects, and the film is ready.Gather pop gotovtes food and to enjoy their own creations.