Tip 1: How to fix a blurry photo

photos are not always have perfect in all respects.And if the photo came out clearly enough, but you do not want to send it to your cart, let's try to rectify the situation with the help of Photoshop.To a certain extent, you can improve the sharpness of the image, of course, if it is not too blurry.
you need
  • Digital photo
  • Graphic editor Adobe Photoshop
Open one of the insufficiently clear pictures in a graphics editor Adobe Photoshop using the menu «File - Open»or key combination Ctrl + O.
Duplicate our existing layer by pressing Ctrl + J.The keys Shift + Ctrl + U discolor the duplicate layer.
Select for this layer in the Layers palette blending mode «Overlay».
Apply to discolored layer filter «Other - HighPass».
With filter dialog find the best value «Radius», estimating the changes that occur in the photo.In this mode checked about «Preview» must be set.
Increased clarity may be needed, not all parts of the photo.In some places, i
t will cause only the appearance of excess defects.Therefore, where the sharpness is not needed, delete the adjustment layer tool «Eraser» (called key E in the English keyboard layout).
If you want to increase the correction effect, duplicate the layer discolored key combination Ctrl + J.Adjust the opacity of the top layer, while the result is not satisfactory.
Merge all layers using the keys Ctrl + Shift + E.Adjust the brightness and contrast of the picture by using the menu «Image - Adjustments», which you prefer.The simplest of them - «Image - Adjustments - Brightness / Contrast».
save the processed image with a new name by using the menu item «File - Save As» and compare it to the original processing.

Tip 2: How to improve clarity on Photoshop

To improve the clarity of images in Photoshop , you do not necessarily know all the subtleties and nuances of this program.Wanting to give the image more attractive, you only need to use only one tool for the program.
How to improve clarity to Photoshop
you need
  • Computer Photoshop.
Image Download program for further editing.Initially, you need to open Photoshop, using the label program.Once the application is ready for operation, move the cursor to "File" menu located on the front panel of the program.Open this menu and select to load images into the program ("Open").The application will run a startup screen, with which you need to find the image on your computer.Select a picture for the adjustment, click the button "Open".The picture will be loaded into the program and will be available for further editing.Click on the layer (in the layers menu), right-click, and then click on the option "From the back end."Now you can begin to improve image sharpness.
The toolbar located on the left side of the active window, select the tool: "Sharpness" (transparent triangle icon).Set the desired diameter of the tool by clicking on the image being edited right mouse button.Hold down the left mouse button, treat the desired portion of a photo, and then, wring it out.If the images are not clear enough, repeat the procedure.
Once the work is completed, save your photo by selecting "File" menu select "Save As."Determine the size of your image, specify a name for it and click "Save".
Unfortunately, too blurry photo correction can not be.Therefore, when taking pictures it is recommended to do a few shots, so you can choose the best treatment for them.
Do not forget to choose shooting modes.
Helpful Hint
If blurred photos is quite small, you can apply a filter «Sharpen», located in the menu «Filter - Sharpen - Sharpen».
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