you need
  • - flowers with long stems;
  • - grass, leaves;
  • - thread or grass, bark.
Collect as many flowers with long stems.The more elaborate and colorful bouquet you collect, the more beautiful will wreath.Do not forget that color crown pretty quickly podvyanet and immediately reduced in size.So do not be afraid to overdo it.
Put together three flower and begin to braid their stems, like a normal braid.After the first curl put in the middle of the new flower braid and make the second round of the spit.
Continue to work on the model, trying to lay a flower to flower as closely as possible.The neatly braided pigtail naked flower stalks should be visible only from the inside of a wreath.
Try to ugly short "tails" (not included in the pigtail) not conspicuous.While working on the wreath that can be achieved with a very dense weave and selection of lush blossoms.In addition, it can be woven into a braid ornamental leaves - for example, large carved maple and oak.
Try a wreath on his head - if you are satisfied with the length of the circle, it's time to finish the job.Gently tear off the protruding "tails" (if they are still visible) and connect the wreath ring.Secure the ends of the stems and its further strong (but thin) line, which it is desirable to pick up the tone of the main colors in the floral wreath.
Try to weave a wreath of flowers in another way.To do this you need to choose the largest flowers for intonation and form one long beam.Consistently applying to get the basics subsequent flowers, stems and encircles it at the same time press down the new buds.
Do not be afraid to experiment!Fortunately, the days of summer grasses you will have no shortage of natural materials.Try to put the stems intonation than individual flowers, and long tufts of wild flowers and herbs.
Secure herbal bundles wound around the base of the stem - but not of the receptacle and leaving loose ends in the 5-10 cm. You will have a particularly lavish floral decoration.Firmly secure the ends of the finished wreath.