you need
  • - Tailoring and nail clippers;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - thread and needle;
  • - a thin strip of fabric for ties;
  • - grommets and riveting tongs (press punch);
  • - blade;
  • - strips of faux fur or decorative braid;
  • - Leather or suede belt;
  • - application of suede or leather;
  • - dye fabric;
  • - bleach;
  • - Brush or spray;
  • - vinegar;
  • - two towels.
Try to create from the classic denim jacket fashionable bolero - Short vest in the Spanish style.Classical model can be modified slightly, slightly shortened or s
imply tucked sleeves.

Determine the desired length of the product and cut the bottom.Tuck the lower edge on the "face" of the jacket hem and machine width of 4-5 cm. Divide the folded edge into equal segments and make their borders holes for eyelets.Set can be special punch or forceps.They are sold in stores sewing accessories;You can put the eyelets in the studio.Thread the string through the holes spectacular-colorful bow of thin material.You can use a scarf.
Turn jacket to a vest - it's simple and practical, especially if the product worn out elbows.

gently thrust arms connecting joints.Do it comfortably with a razor blade or a sharpened nail scissors.Also remove the collar.Treat the cut line and armhole faux fur strips suitable color.Instead, you can use a decorative braid.
If the garment was originally long, made her an elegant fitted jacket on the strap.

Cut the jacket sleeve, like a T-shirt.Such a thing can be combined with a light skirt.If the product has no adjacent silhouette, deepen darts on the back.Carved out of the cut sleeve footstraps belt, deal with them on the sewing machine and sew on the belt line or slightly below it.Thread the loop in the finished leather or suede strap.It can be combined with application of the same material on the shelves vests.
Finally, you can not alter the jacket, and radically transform it with a dye or bleach.Take the advice of experienced handy people.

sure to try out as a means to shred jeans.It is recommended to visit a specialty store for designers, where a wide range of quality paints for fabric.Follow the manufacturer's instructions on the packaging means.Typically, the dye pack is calculated for 400 g of dry tissue (specify the ratio from sales assistant!).If you want to make the tone of the selected articles deeper, simply increase the amount of dye.Instead of paint, you can use bleach.You can make a denim jacket spotted, white sprinkled it with an atomizer.If the product to tie in several places and wash it in water with bleach, then get interesting divorces.Another option - to draw a picture with a brush.