pre-read technology scrapbooking and examples of design works on specialized sites, such as or http: // / .
Purchase album with thick sheets where you paste pictures and decorative items.You can make your own album of cardboard.Albums and preparations for albums sold in many online stores office supplies.Before buying, make a list of requirements (style, color, design, size).As a rule, for scrapbooking albums are purchased in size 30x30 cm and A4.Albums vary by type: screw on rings, the book on a spiral in the clips.30-35 are m
ounted inside the tread or files to store pages.Each protector invested two dense pages of the base.
you arrange the title page of the album.The main thing - be a fantasy!The title page should reflect the idea album and, combined in color with the rest of the sheets, not be overloaded and look beautiful.
Each subsequent sheet or several sheets of the album can cover a certain stage of life: childhood, adolescence, marriage, birth of a child.If the hero of the day - soldier or combatant, be sure to use those photos let.Prikrepite photo or multiple photos in a collage.Garnish with decorative paper, decorations in the form of ribbons, dried flowers, busin.Dobavte small things that help to recreate memories, for example, shells brought from vacation, newspaper clippings, drawing rebenka.Esli person for whom you are creating a gift dealscrafts such as embroidery, knitting, beading, it is appropriate to make a piece of his hobby into album art.
add captions to your photos, do not skimp on the names of people depicted on them, and the date.Use headings to the pages of the album.Text can you arrange with the help of the graphics editor on the computer and printed on a color printer, you can write by hand or buy silicone clear stamps with decorative shriftami.Sozdayte separate guest reviews page and signatures of relatives and friends, who will be sure to browse the photo archive yubilyara.Budte -your gift will not go unnoticed, it will want to watch again and again!