you need
  • - video camera;
  • - computer;
  • - computer software for video editing;
First of all, you will be examined on what media your camera records video.This can be a mini-dv-cassette, integrated hard drive, flash-cards large volume, DVD-RW.Make sure that your computer can capture video with this media.You may need to purchase additional devices to the computer (such as video capture card).Carefully read the instructions in your camera - there you will find instructions on how to connect the computer and video.
Install software for ins
tallation.The software package Windows, as a rule, is a simple program for editing Windows movie maker.To understand it easily - the interface is intuitive.It works with most existing formats.The program has a set of simple special effects that you may find useful: transitions, titles, headings, etc.. The only negative - the derivation of the film (for example, when recording to DVD, or the withdrawal of the Internet), the program significantly affects the quality of the source video.Nevertheless, the program is very popular among fans, since it does not require a lot of development time.
There are also more sophisticated software for the installation, which, however, are not considered professional.For example, many create their video Pinnacle Studio or Sony Vegas.These programs have a greater ability than the same Movie maker: cool effects, transitions, color filters, audio effects and more.The interface is very intuitive, even for beginners.Another obvious "plus" - you can output video (on DVD, Internet, etc.) in good quality.If you do not get to study the program, use the textbook or download video tutorials.
course, simply install the program - not enough.We need to learn the basic laws of the installation.Find an article or a best practice manual on the editing.This will help you create a really bright and fun family video.
If during installation you have technical problems, you can register on the forum and video editors videomeykerov.Participants of the forum can give you an online consultation on your question (besides completely free).Sometimes a "score" your problem into a normal Internet search engine and you will get a link to an existing discussion of a similar issue.
Also on these forums, you can see examples of video works of others that can be very helpful.This does not mean that you want to copy someone else's editing techniques.Do not be afraid to develop their own ideas, because it is the history of your family.