you need
  • fine wool or cotton yarn, hook, scissors.
Cap is designed for head circumference 35-37 cm. From stitches knit chain length of about 30 cm. Knitting continue to nakida columns.Tie box height of 10-11 cm. Threads tear off.
provyazyvaniya rear of the bonnet.

Fold the resulting rectangle in half.In both sides of the middle, measure 4.5 cm and mark the point of contrasting threads or pins.

back of the first row knit columns with nakida.During 2-4 rows on both sides make the addition of one post with nakida.Vyvyazyvayut additional columns from the base of the extreme column.5 number of knit without additions.The width of the fabric
must be 9-10 cm. Further, in each odd row do subtraction on two sides of a single column.Line side of the cap and back should get the same length.
Align the edge of the side and back of the cap.Connect them to the bars without nakida.The hook is carried out immediately in both parts of the bonnet.I should get a seam in the form of braids.The seam on the cap must pass on the outside.
thread does not tear off.Bend knit hats without nakida columns and perform a second seam in the manner described above.The thread must be the bottom cap.

get the basics cap.You can leave the cap as it is tied laces.But to cap turned elegant and beautiful to decorate it.
seam-pigtail for decorating knit openwork lace.To lace were beautifully shaped, they can tie the edge pico or "rachim" step.Just a hat of your choice can be decorated with ribbons, bows, embroidery.
To give the cap a beautiful shape, it can tie columns with nakida around, slightly pulling the thread or provyazyvaya together every 4 or 5 bar.
To make the strings, dial from the edge of bonnet air chain loops desired length.Tie one row polustolbikami - tie ready.Likewise, a second tie.Nodules with ties tighten, cut the thread and thread.Otparte cap iron.The product is ready.