If you sign a gift real photo , not virtual, it is best to do it at the hands of his handwriting.The card will then be original, unique, and you show an individual approach to person.Now it is especially appreciated because the real picture carries the warmth of your personality.You can write on the card the time and place, names of pictures of people, the name of the event or the description of the event.When giving a picture of the child, specify how many months he, his height and weight.
Pick appropriate within the meaning of poetry or anecdote in the subject of photography.By mood, you can write a quote of a famous person, some wise saying.Perhaps with image related the
whole story, write it.
Creative imagination, using non-standard methods.For example, cut the caps from the newspaper, make a paste, and the inscription on the back of the picture.You can also put a personal stamp or draw a figure that symbolizes you.
Sometimes photo album to give to the owner he has filled the remaining blank pages.Typically, such a present make very close people.In this case, perhaps a lot of options for the manifestation of their creative abilities.By the pictures on the album fields can be matched themed items gizmos in the past.For example, a photograph of the child can be applied first precipitated milk tooth or a button on the favorite bryuchek.Inscription did a special 'window' in the fields, on the basis of the meaning of images and objects.This style of albums called scrapbooking.
If you sign a virtual photo , use for image processing, special computer programs - Adobe Photoshop, Fotoimpact or what is on any PC - Paint.The principle of adding inscriptions almost the same everywhere.You need to run the program and open it photo .Then click tool "text", choose the color and font lettering.Move the cursor to the desired location, describe the idea.And do not forget to keep what they have done, by clicking on the appropriate button.As a rule, technical label is placed at the bottom right.Poems can be placed based on the composition of the photo.