you need
  • For opening hours, you will need to cover:
  • - a sharp knife;
  • - small screwdriver;
  • - cotton swab;
  • - cologne or alcohol.
To remove the back cover of hours, inspect the rear.For accurate inspection, apply a magnifying glass.The cover can be screwed to the clock ring threaded into several small bolts, get out entirely, or simply snapped.Put the watch on the table by placing a soft cloth, glass down.Take a cotton ball, soak it with alcohol or cologne.Carefully wipe the cover and place the docking of the watch.There's usually a lot of accumulated dirt and oils from our skin.After
the main wash, wipe and cover the entire watch case clean swab.
To open the cover, retaining ring thread, get on it recesses for which you can catch on.Such recesses may be between 4 and several.Hook screwdriver for deepening and try to rotate the ring counterclockwise.If the ring was put in place, continue to unscrew it using a screwdriver, then to his hands.Remove the cover from the locking ring, get tongue protruding from the lid, it is usually filled in the place where the handle mechanism of translation of the arrows.Pick up a screwdriver, open the cover.Cover, unscrews whole wrench as well as a ring.On the cover also has a recess for loosening.
If you have a cover on the bolt, take a screwdriver and try to unscrew the bolts.If they risochki for a very small screwdriver, you can take the stationery knife with a sharp tip and unscrew bolts.They must not turn away in a circle and take turns twisting the next, opposite the previous one.Under the hood at the clock if they pylevlagonepronitsaemye, is a plastic O-ring.Bolts gently fold in some small plates, to the same place the lid and O-ring.
snap-on lid open, taking a sharp knife.Locate the cover at a slight indentation on the edge, it seemed to dent the inside cover.Push gently to the knife, pry the cover, it is easy to open.