Tip 1: How to develop acting skills

Actor capacity is directly related to the predominant type of temperament in humans.Very often good actors are choleric.It is these people the easiest given rapidly changing emotional states.But what if you do not choleric, but the practice would also like acting really?Only one way out - to work on yourself.
you need
  • - benefits in acting;
  • - visiting tutor or acting school;
  • - daily practice;
Enroll in acting classes.Carefully choose the teacher.Visit a few trial lessons, watch the group for the teacher.You may feel awkward, insecure, but do not because of this to abandon the idea to do.Acting class just need to cope with their shyness.
spend more time alone with a mirror.Do not be surprised, that "communication" with its reflection will help you understand how you develop your acting talent.Especially this method is good if you have an important meeting (interview, business conversation, date).You can "rehearse" the mirror especially important cues for the meeting.
Become a member of an advertising project.Try yourself as a promoter.Promoter - a man who on the positions you need to communicate with people chanting slogans or walk around in the puppets.What is not practical on emancipation for the novice actor?
relieve themselves on camera.Independently create acting studies.For example, you can read a poem or prose passage.Has watched the video, said that from what he saw you feel more successful.
Join the volunteers on various children's activities.For example, you can become an artist at children's parties.You can travel around the gardens, schools, children's homes or boarding schools and entertain the children.Learn a few songs with a guitar, composing dance, recite poems, show tricks.As an aspiring actor you have to practice as much as possible.There is only one way to stop being afraid of the public - to speak to her every day.
Put a passage from your favorite movie and try to repeat the actors their cues along with the action.Copy the tone and movement, down to the smallest detail.Adopting the experience of other actors, you'll soon be able to develop their own unique style of play.

Tip 2: How to develop a person's ability

study at a music school you and your friend have started in the same year.But he was given lessons easily, almost effortlessly, before the exam, he was calm.You day long memorized scales and etudes, however, still trembling at the door of class, waiting their turn, and continued to make mistakes, causing sadness teachers."What a capable child!" - Surprised the success of your adult friend.You could not catch him.What's the matter?Just your abilities were not equal.
How to develop a person
abilities - is the individual psychological characteristics of personality, is a prerequisite for the successful implementation of any kind of activity.The rationale for having the ability to provide the speed of acquisition activity, the quality of achievements and a strong desire to do next.The highest degree of development of abilities called talantom.Psihologi the following types of abilities:
1) Training (providing the assimilation of knowledge and skills) and creative (allowing to create new, original product activity);
2) general (universal for all activities) and specific (necessary for the successful implementation of a particular species) .Spetsialnye ability in turn are divided into private, each of which is based on his mental operations.Mathematical ability , for example, are based on mathematical memory, logical thinking, fast pereklyuchaemost.Structural and technical ability requires the development of technical and spatial thinking.Musical ability to develop in the presence of an ear for music, memory, sense of rhythm.At the heart of literary abilities of observation lies, emotional, imaginative memory, expressive speech.Art and visual abilities manifested in a sense of proportions, relationships of light and color vision, etc.
natural conditions are the makings of abilities.They are formed at certain age intervals, and it is necessary to know the time to watch the favorable moment.The makings - a congenital anatomical and physiological features of the brain, nervous system, analyzers, which are conducive to the development of certain abilities.Age-related segments in which it makes sense to develop certain abilities , called sensitive periods.For example, to start sovepshenstvovat musical ability need from 2 to 6 years, because it was then formed a sense of rhythm and pitch of sluh.Zanimatsya development capabilities is necessary, since early childhood, taking the child available for the activities of his age, the process went smoothly and naturally.So, in the kindergarten kids are already learning to sculpt, draw, sing, learn music, design.
In primary school age have more opportunities to develop their personalities: you can choose clubs, clubs, creative and educational centers.At the same time we must remember that the ability to develop in any one area is not enough.It is to lead the development in several ways, that it was not one-sided.
Classes for each activity implies a certain way of working on the development of the necessary skills.Methods of teaching music, drawing, technology, various sports have their own arsenal of techniques.
To develop an ear for music, for example, used such exercises: sing sound played on the instrument;determine the range of the ear;to tap rhythmic patterns;lose one voice polyphonic works.
Logical thinking practiced by the concepts of operations (generalization, analysis, comparison, etc.).Jobs: Find superfluous word in the group (the ant, fly, dragonfly, bee, mosquito, jackdaw);the ratio of part and whole (kitchen, wardrobe, crockery, cover);compilation, selection of a general concept for a number of private (rain, snow, hail, rain =).
for the development of motor skills, agility, flexibility, coordination of movements used outdoor games, individual gymnastics (tumbling, racks, etc.).
Helpful Hint
impossible to properly disclose the child's ability without additional education specialists as this work often requires special knowledge.Adults too can develop their abilities.It will not be so easy as at an early age, but individual makings (except of motor and language) continue to have good times.
  • table classifications sensitive periods
common misconception that an actor can only be a person who is engaged in acting from an early age.This is not true.One can start at any age, just as in this case to achieve success.On the contrary, the acting profession requires experience.So drop all prejudices.Be of good cheer!
Helpful Hint
Attend as often as possible theater.Make sure that the actors are playing.You might want to refer to anyone of them for advice and find out where they began their journey in acting.