moth gets into the house of a very simple way.Any of you have purchased packages of flour, cereal or candy may contain eggs, which hatch larvae, and your food will be contaminated.So make it a habit of all loose material immediately after the purchase pour in tightly sealed containers.Even if some of the products and will be infected, then closed can not spread mole.
If all the same you notice already crawling white larvae length of 1 cm with a dark head, or worse, happily fluttering insects, should immediately take drastic measures.Review the entire stock of bulk products that could be accessed mole.Mercilessly throws all open bags, sacks and jars, otherwise nothing will.Taking pity on 1 kilogram of cereals, eaten
you infect all future products that you bring into the house.
thoroughly wash all cupboards and shelves first, soapy water, and then with a solution of vinegar.Do not forget about the cracks, they can lurk insect larvae.Ventilate the kitchen and watch the day 2-3, if there are any new insects in the room.If not, it can be said that the operation was successful, you can start to buy new products, which should be immediately expanded in tight banks.
on the shelf between banks should expand the special traps for moths in case a particularly stubborn insect managed to hide somewhere.In a jar with cereals and flour, place of purified garlic cloves.On the smell of food is not affected, and will scare away moles.
Over the next 2-3 weeks, check the product before use.To prevent penetration of moths to you from the neighbors, cover the vents nylon stockings or dense mesh.It is known that any attack is easier to prevent anyone than to fight with her.