you need
  • - thermal transfer paper;
  • - pillowcase or sheet;
  • - scissors or a stationery knife;
  • - iron.
Once you have selected an image, prepare it for printing.Print positive, so the image must be inverted mirror.The driver settings you need to choose the best print quality.It is better to first make a draft copy on plain paper.
If you are completely satisfied with the picture, print on thermal transfer paper.
Let image dry.It takes about 30 minutes.
Cut image of the contour.Better to leave the edge width of about 5 mm, but this should be done only if you transfer photo on white cloth .
Lay folded in several layers of the sheet
or pillowcase on the table, or use an ironing board.Cover with cloth, which will be translated into picture.
Place the paper face-down on the surface of the fabric.Strong, but not sharp movements iron iron the picture for 60-90 seconds.Do not use steam and try to evenly ironed all the elements of the picture.
Wait 10 seconds and carefully remove the paper.To do this, first pull one corner and see how the image was transferred.If you have something does not suit, iron the iron it again.Remove the paper in the direction in which the fabric is less stretchable.
Wait 10-20 minutes and then iron the image using tracing paper.Every time you iron product, remember that proglazhivaya image itself, without using tracing paper, you risk damage the iron.